Thursday, October 28, 2010

FHE Pumpkins & Bedtime Songs

A few months ago, the missionaries in our area suggested we start doing young adults FHE (Family Home Evening) on Monday nights. We have done it a few times at Rahel and Glenn's house (a young couple in our ward) or at the church, but mostly we have done it over at my place. Every week a slew of young adults come, along with the missionaries, and we play games or do some activity, eat snacks, visit, and have a spiritual thought. It's fabulously fun, and we always end up ROLLING in laughter. I feel very fortunate that while I have been here in Bonn, most of the missionaries we have had here have been increidble. Not only are they great at being missionaries (why they are really here), but they each great character and are fun, hilarious guys. Thus, FHE is pretty classic most of the time.

This past week we decided that we would bring a bit of the US Halloween spirit to Germany and carve some pumpkins! On top of that, I decided we should bring a bit of Tim Burton knowledge to the table. So, behold:
Yep. We carved The Nightmare Before Christmas's Jack Skelington on a pumpkin. What up, Mr. Burton? We honor your fabulous work... and had some great fun while doing so.

After pumpkin carving, Father Nelson - Excuse me, Elder Nelson gave us a spiritual thought... Haha! We called him "Father Nelson" that night because he looked so "fatherly" sitting in the chair, with his glasses and the scriptures... Haha! In all seriousness, he has given MANY spiritual thoughts for our FHE nights and always brings SUCH a spirit into the place. He's incredible missionary, and a great person - I hope we stay friends after that mission (and my "mission" here) because he sure can keep me laughing.

Sidenote: The first time he was over for dinner (this is his first area -though he's been here MONTHS), his comp (Elder Gunnell - another STUD missionary!) was joking & being sarcastic with us about climate control, saying it wasn't real and stuff just because he knew Koko does that for a living. Elder Nelson got really into the conversation, stating that he didn't believe in all of it either. I started to try and stop him, but Elder Gunnell said, "Let him go." We were laughing quietly after a little bit, while Koko ran behind the Elder to grab some work material and finally Elder Nelson got silent. He asked, "What? Why are you all laughing?" Koko set down her work in front of him and said, "Here's something for you to look through, Elder. It's what I do at the UN." His face went white and he started stammering apologizes, which made us laugh harder. Poor guy! Missionary initiation? I felt bad, but it kinda bonded us all... We love Elder Nelson!

We also made a "G" pumpkin, as shown above. Well, actually Elder Goodrich did the "G" pumpkin for his name, but when Nico saw it his thoughts were, "Cool! It's 'What Up, G!?'"

That's my boy.

Speaking of my boys, I have had the opportunity to put the boys to bed quite a bit lately. It's not usually my task, and it's been nice to read to them, pray with them, and just give them extra hugs and kisses. Those kisses are probably contributors to my cold symptoms, but I'll take em' for love from my boys. :)

Nico says thoughtful and well-spoken prayers. He truly loves his Father in Heaven and knows he's there for him. He believes in the power of prayer. I'm proud of him.

Finn and I like to sing songs together before bed. We started this halfway through the year, and did it a lot on the past two Family Vacation trips. There is a song to the tune of "Frère Jacques" that we have begun to sing... See the cuteness below:

I am a lucky girl.

Song of the Day: I am LOVING on this song that Koko showed me - so funny and just a great dance jam. PLUS, this group is great! They're a funk, jazz group that has major soul. Here are the Brand New Heavies with Boogie. The video has a bit of sketchiness in it (to enhance the statement of the video), but I think it's fine. So, choose to watch if you will, but at least LISTEN. It's a GREAT one- Enjoy!

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