Monday, November 1, 2010

Opposition is a GOOD Thing?

“Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress." - Mahatma Gandhi

I see the world in two ways: Black & white, and Gray.

There are those who argue things really are all black and white, but there are others who claim though there is good and bad, life has a lot of gray within. Some things I would argue are WRONG, and I believe that everyone knows this. Other things I would argue are WRONG, but in most cases - not all. There are things that might appear wrong at first glance, but when we see the reasoning behind them, we find that we were mistaken... or we find we were correct, but the purpose of the action is understood. That does not mean it's excused... but sometimes it does. There are exceptions to every rule -EVERY rule. However, believing that you are a part of that exception is usually what gets one into trouble.

This takes us back to reality verses fiction. We all have our own, personal reality's that we live within. However, can our reality's be a juxtaposition that creates contention by the mere difference in the underlying of the "meat" of our beliefs?

Do we find ourselves relapsing into the reality of our youth because it's easier to handle?

I think sometimes there are things in my life that scare me BECAUSE there's gray present. However, difference is what brings me to life. I am so fascinated by the thought that anyone would prefer that the world was occupied by simple, undemanding sameness. In my eyes, there's nothing to work toward. It's robotic, and stagnant. I would rather have a world filled with difference and unique thoughts being brought to the table.

Different opinions or beliefs often cause tension or discomfort, but they also create learning opportunities and give us room to grow more passionate about our own thoughts, or embrace new ideas.

I'm sure this entry makes no sense to half of my readers, and perfect sense to others. That's okay. Love it, or hate it... the point is proven by this division. The point is that there are going to be divisions, but that's what brings joy to life. There must be "an opposition to all things," correct? I don't believe that opposition is always a negative word.

"Honest difference of views and honest debate are not disunity." - Herbert Clark Hoover

In the same mindset as "opposition," but slightly different from the topic I was just discussing, I am moving onto Isaiah. Haha! In Sunday School this week we were studying the words of Isaiah in the Bible. He can be a tough read. He writes in beautiful symbolism and confusing allegories for our day. However, he knows his stuff.

In Chapter 30, verse 20, he writes, "And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more..."

The verse bluntly says the teachers will not be removed from us in times of affliction or adversity. That is because the adversity and afflictions ARE our teachers. They bring us the greatest amount of opposition in life, and thus, teach us the most - help us grow more than contentment. I'm not saying that I crave adversity, or that anyone should go looking for it. You'll get plenty in it's due time - promise. However, when I go through trial I always arise more confident and more knowledgeable. In a spiritual sense, I also come out closer to my Savior. What the Lord gives is in our struggles, is really a teaching moment.

What is MOST interesting about this verse though?: That they call adversities and affliction the "bread and water." It is the essentials to live. If we are to truly live life, we have to have our "bread and water" to survive. Trials are essential to a full-life... to why we are here on this earth.

So, did I just get controversial, or what? Well, it's my opinion... You can disagree and say we don't need trials to live a full life, to grow and develop into who we were put on this earth to become. But, my opinion will not change. It's okay, because opposition is a good thing in numerous ways.

Now, I just have to remember this DURING my times of adversity and afflictions. Blast.

Song of the Day: This is dedicated to you. You know who YOU are... or perhaps you don't, and therein lies the joy in this dedication. Here's Melody Gardot's, Your Heart Is as Black as Night. Enjoy!

Melody Gardot :: Your Heart Is As Black As Night (live)
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