Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Three: Give It Up for Mama Kay!

Onto day number three among my thankfulness messages! This day must go to one of the most fabulous girls that I know. She has a heart of gold, truly cares about others and how to make them know they're loved. She has a passion for the gospel that radiates. She certainly knows how to break it down on the dance floor, and move her saucy Latina hips! Haha... Because of her, I am more confident in who I am. She makes me laugh all the time, and I always know that I can count on her for a comforting word or some needed encouragement. She looks past all my faults and takes me for who I am, and I am SO thankful for that. I enjoy her bluntness. She is not afraid to tell you what she thinks or how she feels, but she knows I'll dish it right back if needed... She is one of my dearest confidants, and I truly appreciate her and all she has helped me become.

Day three is dedicated to, Kay Figueroa.

Thank you, Kay, for being who you are, and thus, helping me know that it's okay to shine. I love you a lot, girl. I am thankful for YOU, Kay.

Song of the Day: Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) by Three 6 Mafia! This is for you, Carmel Lolli! Love, White Chocolate Lolli... (Warning: For those who would be offended, the video has scantily-clad girls. There is no swearing or anything worse.) ENJOY!

Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)


Mary Martha said...

glad I found your blog. Looks like you are up to some fun adventures. HOpe all is well. That is neat you have gotten to know Europe so well.

Mike said...

I second this. I love Kay. She is definitely my favorite Mexican-Puerto Rican!