Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day Eight is For Adam the Great!

On my eighth day, I want to use this thankfulness to note to mention a friend who has taught me SO much. I feel like I more prepared to "conquer the world" because of him. He is hilarious and makes everything fun. No one can be around him and suppress a smile... He has a real gift to create happiness in everything. He has an AMAZING voice, and though I know it's not his life-ambition, I hope he records a CD someday - a little R&B action to jam to in the car would be fantastic. He has an amazing heart and truly cares about others... I don't know how he allows his heart to open so wide and fit so many inside. He makes those around him feel good about themselves. He's a mentor and a friend, and he has taught me in both capacities. I am so thankful for his ability to make me think about things and improve myself and my relationships with those around me.

Today, this thankfulness note is dedicated to Adam Ruri!

I think that more people should be as fun and hard-working as Adam. He does both with what appears to be little or no effort. He's a fastastic friend and example, and I feel blessed to know him and call him more than a "facebook friend." Haha! I am thankful for YOU, Adam!

Song of the Day: We Built This City, by Starship. Feel free to dance, Adam... and get video-taped by a bunch of Asian tourists. Enjoy!

Jefferson Starship - We Built This City
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1 comment:

Adam R. said...

"On what? On what?"...On Rock and Roll!!!

Linze, thanks so much for this! I'm grateful for you. Have an awesome European thanksgiving too!