Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day Twelve is a Blast From the Past!

Day twelve of the thankfulness memos is for a person that was there for me when I most needed, and didn't know that I needed it. She taught me right from wrong. She dared me to be a little better, and stand a little taller... and she led by example. She is talented in SO many areas and one of the most beautiful girls that I know. I see her now, with her kids and family, and am in awe how much we have grown up... She was my best friend in sixth and seventh grade. I know that she truly cares about others, and always had a way of making me laugh. We shared some pretty epic memories - camping with her family and in her backyard, school dances and first boyfriends, volleyball and gymnastics, long bike rides and Friday night football games...

Today, I dedicate my thankfulness entry to, Kendra Bryant Ware!

She was a light for me in tough times, and shared the trials of youth with me - as dramatic as that sounds. Haha! She never let me fall to the wayside even though I was a little awkward sometimes, and she truly did tell me when I wasn't being the best person that I could be. In real terms, she was a real friend, and a true example. I am thankful for YOU, Kendra!

Song of the Day: Wannabe, Spice Girls.... ENJOY! :)

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Amanda K said...

I'm totally loving these posts :)