Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A German Halloween!

This past weekend was Halloween. No news-flash there. However, in Germany things are just a bit different on this holiday. It is only in the past few years that this holiday has really begun to "take off," and it still hasn't expanded to the level of that in the United States. Carnival in Germany is more like what are Halloween is... except even more crazy and immoral. Sorry, but it's the truth. As far as dressing up and getting candy go though, Carnival is rather similar to the US's Halloween holiday.

Well, our family decided to spice things up here in Germany and do a Halloween party. Fourteen kids and costumes, twelve painted pumpkins, three games, four bahn-rides, one bonfire, twenty-four sausages, three apples, lots of sand, and even more screaming later... we had completed a rousing Halloween party in the Rheinaue.

It was CRAZY! Seriously, there were so many kids and they were everywhere and anywhere at times, but it turned out great and the kids had a lot of fun. I was glad I had offered to help out though, because there is no way that Patrick and Koko would be able to have done it alone... We were fine, but even for three of us there were a lot of kinder. However, I have to say, the three of us make a good team. On the way to the park, I often led the way as she made sure people in the back of the group were keeping up. Then, during the games we switched roles. Patrick rode ahead and got the pumpkins set up and the fire going strong on the beach. It went well, and it was fun!

Anyway, this weekend was a busy one, full of candy and children. However, it was also a good one. The picture on the side is of Nico in his cowboy costume, and it was just too classic of a picture to pass up... The lone-rider chillin' on the side of the road? Haha...

Seeing Finn in his skeleton and power ranger costumes, and Nico in his Cowboy and Ninga costumes (different ones for Saturday and Sunday) was hilarious... as it always is. Those two play dress-up more than any other kids I know... besides drama nerds. Love it! I even gave it a spin and dressed-up Saturday. What was I, you ask?

Hint: Answers may vary. Not enough? I'm usually black... and answers may vary. STILL not enough? I'm usually black, you can COUNT on me, and... answers may vary!

I was a Magic 8 Ball.
Haha! I walked around and when people asked questions, I said things like, "Ask again later," or "Can not predict now." It was fairly classic... and simple. Lest you believe that I was the creative genius, let me give credit where credit is due. Thank you, google search. Thank you.


Song of the Day: I am diggin' on this jam after watching Charlie St. Cloud. A decent film, with some good camera work. It was definitely a tear-jerker! Anyway, this song is at the end of the film and I instantly looked it up and downloaded it. LOVE IT! Here is Jack Penate's song, Pull My Heart Away. I need to check out MORE of his stuff, cause this song is THAT good. Cami and Derek, if you are reading this - I thought of you when I heard this - dig it? Enjoy!


Cami said...

love the costume....
Linze, I want you and your future family to move close to Derek and I (or we could move close to you...) so our kids can go trick or treating together, and we can do name that tune at christmas, and we can have awesome dance parties.

The end

Michelle said...

oohh, they have carnival in spain. fun memories :)