Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day Nine is Family Time!

Day number nine, and I'm still at it... I'm trying really hard not to miss a day!

Day number nine had to go to someone really special in my life, because it's the actual day of THANKSGIVING! So, I decided that day nine is for family time! Cute rhyme, eh?

These TWO individuals in my life have meant SO much to me in my life. One of them, I have known, well, my entire life. The second person I met just a few short years ago... They are both of great importance to me. Both of these people are funny and SO much fun to be around. I prefer spending time with them over almost anyone else - sorry, it's true. They're great examples to me of people who live right and enjoy the journey every step of the way, even through the hard times. We are constantly laughing and joking about something. They are an amazing example of a good couple in a very positive relationship. They care about me, and I'm SO thankful to have them in my life.

Day nine on my thankfulness agenda belongs to, Derek and Cami Struiksma!

I am so thankful for the people that you are and how much I know you care. I know that my brother might not always be the best at showing me he cares traditionally, but he does show it. I'm thankful for all you've helped me become, and for helping me learn to laugh at myself in life. I am thankful for YOU both!

Song of the Day: Today's song is more of a video short/SONG... It's pretty much amazing. Here is Andy Samburg's Throw It On the Ground! Haha.... ENJOY!

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Cami said...

Awwww...You're sweet :) You're right, Derek loves you tons! You are his favorite family member, and he always talks about how funny you are, and is always bragging on your talent. He is psyched for you to come out an visit. All the time he tells me "I wish Linze lived out here". And he always tells people about your escapades in Germany. Take it from me, Derek loves you a ton.

It's snowing here in Seattle, and it made me remember last Christmas when we were at Grandpa's house, and he started screaming.... And you started to fight it off, and I just hid because I hate raccoons! hahahahahaaaa

We miss you! Happy Thanksgiving sister of mine.