Saturday, November 27, 2010

And on the Eleventh Day... We thank, Sherstin!

Day number eleven on the thankfulness road is going out to a girl who has always impressed me with the kindness and genuine attitude she gives to all those around her. She has a good heart, and knows how to let others know how special they are to her, and as an individual. She reaches out to help in a moments notice, and always knows how to solve a problem or give amazing advice. She is an incredible example of Christ-like love and living. I am constantly impressed with her and the person that she has helped me become, without even knowing she has done so... I look to her for an example in a lot of things through my life in these past.

Today, I dedicate my thankfulness entry to, Sherstin Creamer!

She is just a GOOD person! She shares an incredible light with the world. She is someone who always lifts others, and brings joy into every situation. She makes me laugh - I'm realizing how important that is in a friend for me. Haha! She and I have not always spent a ton of time together, and yet, I know that if I needed anything I could ask her and she'd be there for me. If the world had more people like her, the world would be a much more celestial place. I am thankful for YOU, Sherstin!

Song of the Day: This might not make sense to her, but I remember dancing around to this song with her and Britt, at a birthday party... and I think of her each time I hear it... :) Here is Natalie Cole with This Will Be. Enjoy!

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