Friday, November 19, 2010

Day Four: Thanks Galore, to Sarina!

Day Four is for someone who has been a huge part of my life the last few years... We were roommates for a short time at one point, as she took my first out of country trip with me (not including Canada). We found ourselves walking the streets of London together, writing papers and seeing plays, and having way too much fun sometimes... We tend to have a lot of luck when we have traveled together. We took a trip to the American Idol Finale and got into the second day with no tickets, sitting in the 6th and 10th rows, next to celebrities. We went to Hawaii, which is awesome within itself, and then got an unexpected upgrade to drive around a Spyder 2010 Convertible. We've spent hours playing "people watching" games with our eyes and Ipods, and played "name that tune" on airplane rides. We have sung and danced together... We have laughed more together than I have with many of my friends, and yet we can still have serious conversations too. She is the perfect friend to me.

Day four of my thankfulness is dedicated to, Sarina Thomas!

She is a true friend, and an amazing example to me. I look up to her in MANY ways, and admire the choices she has made in her life and the person that she has become. I aspire to be more like her in most things that I do. She is thoughtful of others, creative, quirky, spiritually in-tune, hilarious, and one of my best friends. I am SO thankful for YOU, Sarina.

Song of the Day: Thriller, Michael Jackson... Girl, dance your heart out! Enjoy!

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