Monday, November 22, 2010

Day Seven in Nanny Heaven - Thanks Anya!

Day Seven of my thankfulness notes has to belong to a girl who taught me a lot about what the heck I am doing over here in Germany. She gave me key guiding advice that I'm sure she didn't even realize was so crucial at the time of being spoken. Many times, this girl helped me feel confident in what I was doing, and oddly enough, in who I was becoming. She is smart and insanely talented with matters of organization and attention to detail. She's always got an encouraging word and sweet thing to say to those around her... I've just been SO impressed with the person that she is and how willing she was to reach out and help me, without even knowing me. I'm sure that time will only expand our friendship, and I am thankful for that too... I look up to her a lot.

Today my thankfulness note goes out to Anya May - the Au Pair before me here in Germany!

She truly has been an inspiration to me and taught me a lot - even from a far. She's been a comfort, and someone I know that I can turn to if I need advice or help. She's a good example and an AMAZING mother- potentially. Haha! I also thank her for the work she has done with these two boys I care for right now - they are MUCH better people because of you. I am thankful for YOU, Anya!

Song of the Day: I don't really have a song to associate with her, but this song is FOR her. Here is Boyz II Men, Thank You. Enjoy!

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