Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Been Awhile Since I've Heard a Good Quote...

I'm just going to get to the point of this entry, so here you go...

"I'm done with the church." - Amber (Spencer had to go back to the church after our ward "Munch N' Mingle" for meetings and asked if anyone wanted to go back with him.  We were all ready for naps and Amber's comment was too funny not to take differently...)

We were watching Harry Potter 7: Part I and the part where Harry, Ron, and Hermione get to Grimwald Place and see the fake Dumbledore apparition created to scare intruders came on.  After the part played, Hermione says there are traps set to scare Snape if he comes snooping.  Ammon, the brother of the little girl I nanny, turned to me and said, completely sincere, "Is Snape really scared of dust or something?"

"I've got boobs!" - Linze... I was talking about a problem with fitting into certain kinds of clothing, but it was one of those "everything-got-quiet-randomly" moments.  Sidenote:  As much as I love them, it can be annoying when a shirt of dress doesn't fit solely because they're too big - blech.

"Can you just hold my pocket open?" - Matt (Hahahahaha...  Pudding.)

"I don't usually shower with girls." - Matt (Sidenote: We had a giant pudding fight and couldn't get in a car that dirty, so we showered at Jasmine's all together...and we all had clothes on, in case you thought otherwise.)

"You lick me and then I'll lick you!" - Nicole... Again, with the pudding...

"I don't understand these." - Linze with a look of utter confusion after eating the new "airy" Hershey's kisses - What?  They're weird!

"Black people come to rodeos?!" - Random guy at the rodeo to his black friend - quite hilarious really cause we weren't sure how to respond till we saw they were friends.

"I just want the pigs to DIE!" - Linze... Guess what game I was playing...

Nick looked pretty awkward trying to get the giant beach balls put away, having to run in front of the stage and it led to a very awkward conversation.  The gist?  "It's cause I wasn't there." - Linze (You had to be there to get how funny this was...)

"Anyone got eyes on Danniey?" - Linze
"I've got eyes on you." - Nick

"Faith over fear, people.  Faith over fear." - Stephen Jones  (This couple at SoF said they had been dating for three years and he asked why they weren't engaged, to which the boy fell silent and Stephen gave his take!)

"You are suppose to support me in this relationship!" - Linze
"I'll support you tonight, girl." - Nick... meaning the show, SoF!

"It's because he's dsylexic." - Mckell

"That has nothing to do with being able to walk!" - Linze

"She's a really fun person outside of sacrament meeting!" - I don't recall, but it was so hilarious...

"I want you to picture that when you go to bed tonight." - Nick

"I'm sitting on something hard...Oh my gosh!  It's your computer!" - Linze

"I could write my thesis in 'Zorro' writing... That would be epic." - Linze

"Please, just slap it!" - Spencer, trying to get us to hit his bug bites.... He also tried to get me to touch his "man-thighs" because I hate them... Most awkward moment ever - or at least this week. 

"I'm a princess... and princesses EAT!" - Eliza

"I'm a princess.  Mama, you're the queen, Daddy is the prince, and Linze... You're a witch." - Eliza... It was fairly classic.

Song of the Day:  My friend Nicole showed me this song the other day and I love it - it's way motivational!  Here is Fabolous with "It's My Time."  Enjoy!

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