Monday, July 25, 2011

July 2011: A Month in Pictures

This past few weeks I have done some pretty awesome things with some friends... I think I'll share just a few with you!
We had a pudding slip-n-slide night, but it turned into an all-out pudding fight night!  It was pretty epic!

Above:  Our pudding crew making a classic pyramid! Below: Nicole sandwich!

On the 15th of July I was sitting in a theater at midnight with a ton of other Harry Potter fans watching the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - The ending to an era!  It was AMAZING!

Above: The Draper rodeo!  Candace and I went - it was awesome... Below: Amber and I met a bunch of friends in our ward to head to the SLC Rodeo! I'm not really a rodeo person, but I went to two this summer, so that says something...?

Kay and I went to the first night of SLC Twilight Concert Series to see Explosions in the Sky!

Sam is kinda in love with mini-golfing, having the pass of all passes, and had me come along while I was staying down there with her this last month.  Loved it! I even got three hole-in-ones... but also three scratches.  Yikes! :)

Song of the Day: This is a good jam - just becoming popular, and rightly so... Here is Gym Class Heroes (Feat. Adam Levine) with "Stereo Hearts."  Check the lyrics - my favorite part?
"I only pray you'll never leave me behind, because good music can be so hard to find."  
Love it.  Enjoy!

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I Am Great, I Contain Multitudes said...

I have never looked up any other Gym Class Heros that was fun thanks.