Friday, July 8, 2011

Water Works Wednesdays!

Two weeks ago the local kickball team (The name of the team?  Kick Balls.  I know - awesome, right?) invited me to come fill in for a girl who couldn't be there on the evening of a game.  I'm proud to say that I rocked it - got a run and helped others get some runs... It was fun!

After the game, a group of us went over to our friend's (Karin & Michelle) house to go swimming and chill.  It was something in that entire night that had me feeling as though summer had finally hit.  I think I ate strawberries and watermelon that day too... and those things also solidify summer to me.  Haha!  Oh, the lists that I could make regarding things that mean summer to me (hot coals, fireworks, BBQs, swimming pools, fresh summer fruit, ice cream, late night walks, sports in the park... etc.), and we all know how I love lists!  Haha...

Sidenote:  I really do LOVE making lists.  No idea why, but a good list makes me happy!  Haha...  I'm odd - not ashamed.

Anyway, that evening we got a bit crazy with my beloved underwater camera!  It was one of the best buys I ever made... A little bit of extra money got me the underwater feature and a million and one fun photos & memories.  I love it.

This week, also on a Wednesday, I took Eliza swimming for the first time at her local recreation center and it was a lot of fun.  Yes, I did gt my first sunburn of the summer (haven't had one in three summers actually),  but it was overall a very positive experience.  Haha!  Eliza and I both had "Bee" swimsuits, meaning her's was an actual bee outfit and mine was yellow, white, and black striped- haha!  It was adorable and she was so much fun to watch and play with.  She would tell me to sit at the edge, go into the kiddie area and use her "wings" to float, run back to me and yell, "I did it again!  Did you see?  You wanna see again?" and run back to do it again... about 15 times (not exaggerating).  Then she changed it up and would do the same thing, but ask, "Were you worried?  I'm so proud of you!  You weren't worried!  I'm going again."  Haha!  It was the cutest thing ever... behold the cuteness above and below.


Song of the Day:  I'm gonna go out on a limb here...don't be a hater, but I am way into the new Joe Jonas song, "See No More."  In fact, I kinda love it - a lot.  Check out the music video, listen to the jam, and ENJOY!

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