Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Tuesday Ten" Edtion... on a Wednesday.

This woman named Lauren Conrad (LC), who some of you might be familiar with, writes an awesome blog each day full of style, make-up, event planning, self-help, and cooking tips!  She's kind of fabulous and I adore her.  Shout-out to one of the only girls from The Hills who I didn't believe was a pretensions super B - for real.  Haha! 

Anyway, LC does this thing on her blog called the "Tuesday Ten," and I am going to start my own tradition doing a "Tuesday Ten!"  I'm going to make a short entry about ten things that make me happy that week.  They can be a newly discovered YouTube video (or an old fave), a short story, a picture, a quote, anything!  So, with that introduction... I forgot that IT IS WEDNESDAY... All the same, I am just giving this a procrastinators go and saying, here goes my first "Tuesday Ten!" - kinda.

1. There is a site I have recently discovered via pinterest that I am now obsessed with! 
This is one of the many HP facts that I have learned and LOVED!  If you haven't seen the last HP movie, this part will most DEF make you giggle a bit... or if you're a man, chuckle?

2. I have been in LOVE with this video for the past few years - which my friend now, Ben Truman, actually recorded - small world!  I watch it around Christmas every year about 30 times, and just recently discovered the full song is available with THIS SINGER!  He is the best - hands down - at this song.  He's soulful, heartfelt, and just has an AMAZING set of pipes.  He's also a UT star, which I had no idea it was him singing till this year... I keep making new discoveries! Aside from the singer, this SONG is amazing - truly, tied for my favorite Christmas song. (Click on the title below for the FULL version - it's worth it too...)

Vocal Point - "He Is Born" - Lead: Ryan Innes

3. Neal's Yard - London, England - Picture: I was slightly less excited when I found out it was a Remedies shop... Haha!  Still it just is aesthetically healing... or just really cool!

4. I found an article entitled: "Damn You Auto-Correct - Reveals  9 Funniest Texts of the Year."  Now, I know for a fact, there are some even funnier ones out there, but these are REALLY classic.  One of them is below, but click on the article title to read them all - this was just the one that made ME laugh the most!

5.I love peppers.  I mean, I REALLY love peppers.  They are, hands down, my favorite vegetable.... This recipe below also includes corn and onions - other favorites - so I'm excited to try it for lunch tomorrow!

6. Pinterest.  I simply adore pinterest and genuinely believe it has helped me organize my online life - haha!  If you have not yet,check out my pinterest page (or just the site in general):

7. This song gained a lot of attention around Halloween, and again around the time Breaking Dawn went into theaters... I think it's hilariously, brilliant.  Check out Stephanie Maybe's "The Zombie Song."

8.Mcvities Dark Chocolate Digestives (aka: Cookies) from England - thanks, Mom and Dad.

9. I am currently in love with the show - it's a new fave.  The New Girl Oh, how I adore Zooey Deschanel (ya, I had to triple check to spell that write - just like my name...)  The main girl reminds me slightly a lot of myself... awkward and funny - and awkward.  It's hilarious. This show along with How I Met Your Mother are current staples.  Here's the trailer for The New Girl:

10.  My new hamster, Page!  Nope, there is no "I" in there... I have named all my past hamsters with music in mind - Mozart and Cadence, calling him Cade.  This is my first girl hamster and I knew I needed to choose a musical of theatrical based name.  So, I looked at terminology and tried out what felt right these past few days and decided on, Page.  Example:  A Page in a script of musical score.... Yep.  She's pretty adorable!

Sidenote: Today was my last day of my first semseter in my MAT program!  I can't believe how fast it went by me, and how fast I'm sure next semester will pass.  I LOVE the program, the professors, my cohort - man, I am a blessed woman! :)  Good luck to all my friends still taking finals - eat em' for lunch!

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C&C said...

Thanks for posting that VP song! I had heard it before but not for a long time. I listened to it like 20 times today. Gives me chills! I love it.