Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feelin' Fit and Fab!

I went to the mall today to buy some well-needed jeans... I'm down a size and a half!  I know... how do I know that it's a size AND a half... because of the fit in ones only a size down.  Haha!  PLUS, I'm down 8.5 pounds... I'd say the calorie counting paid off.  However, recently I've just been more mindful of my eating.  Truth be told, I stopped counting calories after a month and just watched what I ate and estimated here and there.  I feel so much better too!

ALSO, I went to the gym and last week for the first time ever, I ran for 6 minutes without slowing down to a walk.  6 minutes!  Now, some may scoff or internally judge me for a "minimal accomplishment," but it was huge for me.  I've always considered myself active, but recently it's to a whole new level of ability.  I'm a HAPPY girl! :)

I just feel like I was able to accomplish this because it was finally for me and for the right reasons.  All those other times I tried losing weight it was because I "wasn't pretty enough" and was comparing myself to other girls.  Or, it was because I wanted a boy to like me... Those days ended, and now I have finally been able to do things because they make me a happier, healthier, and over-all better person.  Now, I just have to keep it up and endure.... Endurance is hard.  Especially when losing this weight took a little over two months...

I'm in for a long journey that's bound to kick my butt!  Hopefully it kicks it right off, actually.

Song of the Day: So, Carrie Underwood has a new CD out (that I love!) and this is a song I think pertains to this entry slightly... Here is "Nobody Ever Told You."  Enjoy!


Kate said...

Congrats Linz! That's great! I feel like I too have come a point where I'm getting fit for the right reasons too. 6 mile walk, Saturday ? Let me know!:) love you!

Steffi Thomas said...

Wow wow wow! I am so jelous, but also so happy for you! Good job! Keep it up and the boys will run after you! :-) - Steffi