Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Quote a Day....

I think it's that time again... Time for some fairly gnarly quotes from friends and the writer of this blog herself.... You should sit back, read, and enjoy.

"Well, you know what they say - A swear a day.... " - Nicole
"Um..." - Linze
".... keeps the spirit away?" - Nicole
(Keep in mind this was four days before her mission began - and it was REALLY funny!)

"I'm as fertile as a desert!" - Anonymous
*cricket chirps*
 "A Jungle!  A JUNGLE!" - Anonymous

"Babylon will take you DOWN!" - Amber... in church.  It was legitimately awesome.

"Go non-Mormon me!" - Mari (after remembering church terminology when I couldn't...)

"I like my crotches low." - Am (Pants.  Her pants.)

 "Planning a Mormon bachelorette party... with lesbians?  Bucket list!" - Mari

"Two BIG impressions for your one small one!" - Linze
(Think back to my previously awkward comments... that is all.)

"Elder Utchdorf encourages us to stop judging others.  For example... Those who steal her snacks." - The Moody boy... at church... in a sacrament meeting talk.

"Who is funnier?" - Spencer (about me and him)
*Me laughing*
"What?" - Spencer
"Nothing... just something I said." - Linze

"I wish I lived in your head... All I'm getting is attacked!" - Emily

"Fivne!!!!" - Emily

"I'll take your last name, Linze." - Spencer

"Should it be D. Spencer Minnick or David S. Minnick?" - Spencer about his GA name options


Song of the Day: I like this song, but LOVE this version... I don't know what it is, but this guy just makes it better for me in so many ways.  I dig his voice and style.  Here is Dan Talevski with "Pumped Up Kicks."  Enjoy!

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