Monday, May 14, 2012

A Picture's Worth: PART II

Here are pictures I also love right now, but these are people I actually know... :)

Lighting the lanterns at Nicole's setting apart!  It was our own Tangled moment...
The crew there for Nicole's setting apart celebration...
Jenny and I, stuck in the slides at Carl's JR.  Haha!
Me and my mama - my favorite lady/example in the world! :)
Me and E!  I adore this girl SO much and am so excited she just turned 4!
We like silly photos more than serious ones...
Some of the other students from my MAT program at Westminster!
 Me and Em before the Avengers premier - haha!  We're both not that hardcore about it and this was our FIRST time dressing up for a premier... but we had a blast with it! :)
 My mom and me at the Bee's Game last week - isn't she awesome?!
 My little niece, Zoey - Oh, how I miss that girl!
The Zoe-ster, smiling up a storm - she really is a gorgeous baby!

P.S.  I bought a GORGEOUS guitar on Friday, had my first lesson on Saturday, and have been practicing non-stop because I'm so excited about it.  Haha!  However, I had NO idea my fingers were gonna ache this bad!  Haha... They feel RAW.  It's the price to become a better musician and learn a new insturment, I suppose. Ouch...

Song of the Day:  This isn't so much the SONG as it is the artist(s).  This is a European group called 2Cellos and they're amazing - SO cool!  Check out their version of MJ's "Human Nature."  Love it!

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