Saturday, February 9, 2013


Be still my aching heart.... I saw Ed Sheeran live in concert this Wednesday.

He was amazing - insanely, awesomely, incredibly amazing.  I was struck by how good he was live - even better than his CD!  He played with melodies, added verses and rap into his songs, and really entertained us as an audience.  I loved his music before (seriously, he's one of my top 5 faves), but now I'm even more a lover of his melodic messages.... I adore Ed Sheeran.

 - "Grade 8" - probably because it's my favorite, but he also added a new verse and linked his guitar, mics, and loop pedals to the back screen to visually show what he was playing.  It was awesome.
 - "The Parting Glass" - seriously gorgeous and haunting.... It's always been a fave of mine.
 - Singing "U & I" at the top of my lungs with Courtney!  It was pretty epic.
 - "Small Bump" = SO moving... It's about an unborn baby on it's way and then there's a miscarriage.  He had a heart monitor beeping in time with his song on the big screen, which was way creative and moving.  Loved that one.
 - Going with three of my favorite girls to see a man whose voice I adore!  It was super fun and made me walk around in dream-land for at least a day...

Some great quote moments from the night:

"Is this all about milk?" - Steph

"You don't need Shazam when you're sitting next to Sha-Linze." - Yours truly.

Oh, and as an added note, he had two great openers.  First, a guy named Foy Vance from Ireland who I really enjoyed through MOST of his songs.  He had a great voice.  PLUS, a group I had NO idea was opening for who have been no my running playlist for quite a bit now - Rizzle Kicks!  They came out and I was thinkin' "They sound familiar," but couldn't place it.  We looked em' up and discovered it was them singing (they still hadn't said their names yet) I realized I needed to listen to the rest of their CD!  Haha... They were SUPER entertaining!  Not the best voices in the world perhaps, but really fun to watch.  You should probably check out their song "Mama Do the Hump" and the dance they have with it - so classic.  Also, see their song "Down With the Trumpets" below.

Thanks girls for a great night!  Thanks Ed for making my month.

Who needs a Valentine when I have Ed's voice to sing to me???  Okay, okay - I'll take a Valentine listening to Ed with me. :)

Song of the Day: Here is a good, tender one... "Small Bump" LIVE in SLC, by Ed Sheeran!

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