Sunday, February 10, 2013

I am NOT a Utah Name...

... Not that there is anything wrong with having a "Utah name," but I am most definitely NOT a Utah named child.  My parents didn't get creative and choose a cute name then spice it up.  I mean, I'm spicy enough without a spicy name.  For real.

My name belongs to my great-great-grandfather.  Yes, grandfather.  Linze was a popular boy's name in The Netherlands many, many years back and it just happened to become more a girl's name over here in the US.  My parents liked the family name, and therefore, I became Linze - spelling and all.  My grandmother's name is Kate.  Thus, when my parents were naming me I carried forward BOTH of their names and became Linze Kate.  The two names compliment each other quite nicely, and I'm excited to thank my great-great grandparents someday for sharing them with me.  I am Linze Kate.

The unique spelling is different, like me, and it fits me perfectly.  Seriously - its perfection with my personality.  It was no random, creative act - I'm tied to it in lineage and tradition.  I just wanted to express this somewhere.  Haha!

Now, for your comedic relief...

Did you see how they ALMOST used my name?  Yep - not quite.

Song of the Day:  I currently have an obsessive love for this song.  Here is Olly Murs with "Troublemaker."  Enjoy!

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