Friday, October 10, 2008

John Mayer Season...

It's getting cold out... I think it's John Mayer season.

I was sitting in my living room, watching The Posh Life of Pop Stars on VH1 and heard that a good chunk of those who have grown to be mondo famous in the past few years have become so randomly. For example, people put stuff out on MySpace or YouTube, someone sees them, and BANG! They are famous and rich individuals. Perhaps I should put some of my songs on there...

Haha... What a thought. We'll see.

So, I found a grad school program at GWU in Washington D.C. that I think looks perfect - getting my MBA, emphasizing in Tourism and Hospitality. I want to do events management/planning, and working and going to school in D.C. could be the perfect step to actually getting started with my dreams of one day owning my own events planning business! I'm going to tour the campus in a week and a half when I am there with my family, and want to meet with an adviser while there if possible. I love the city life, so it's also a big plus in this area as well!

Life is great... So chill, but still looking for employment. Nothing suggested has really worked out for me, but I know that it will in due time. For now, I am so close to my senior trip back East that I'm not hitting applying for positions really hard until I return. I asked my parents if they thought this was dumb, but they said not at all. I really want to go back East and they really want me there - it's gonna be AMAZING! :)

Sarah goes into the MTC in five days... I can't really talk about it right now because it doesn't seem real yet. I got my first letter from Nicole today - weird! She was put in advanced Spanish and leaves the MTC in TWO WEEKS for the field!!! I am so excited for and proud of her - she is going to be an amazing missionary... As is Sarah. DANG. That girl has such a good heart... I have never had a better friend and better example for me to follow in so many ways. She is my BEST friend and it is gonna be really hard when she's finally gone - as excited as I am for her.

Like I said, I can't really talk about how I feel about it since it's still so new and unreal to me...

So, I read David Archuleta's interviews and blog - I know. I am SO weird... maybe a little crazy. Sue me. My point, is that he is an amazing kid - what a good example to me and the rest of us of thinking about others before yourself. If you want to understand where I am coming from I suggest reading his blog entries on his MySpace page, or googling his interviews... Seriously, you'll be blown away by how much David "gets it"... cause he does.

Yep. Cold. I think it's John Mayer season. That would be fall/early winter - pensive time in many ways.... personal, reflective time to ponder about my life and the lives or needs of others. John Mayer season, because his music is just too perfect for moments of internal questioning...

Bring on, John Mayer season.


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