Saturday, October 4, 2008

Who Am I? Linze... Who I really? Linze.

Yep, I totally jacked this idea from another friend's blog. I am unoriginal in this aspect, and I willingly accept that. Nonetheless, let the 101 Things About Me being, NOW:

1) I absolutely love rain. Eastern thunderstorms are the best, but any rain makes me smile.
2) Yellow is my favorite color, hands down - followed by pink and blue.
3) I love BYU sports with all my heart and soul. I skip other important events for BYU football games.
4) My life is encompassed by music. Music creates my entire being, and I would not smile or laugh half as much without music. It is my means to keep going when life gets hard.
5) I am obsessed with missionary work. Each time I bear my testimony I have to add a plug for missionary work - Sharing the gospel is the most important thing that we can do in this life and the next.
6) I have webbed toes. Just two. They are on my right foot.
7) In relation to #6, NO. I am not a better swimmer because I have webbed toes.
8) I have a love affair with cookie dough - If it were healthier (well, healthy at all) I would live off of it... As of now, I only partially live off of it.
9) My favorite animal is an elephant.
10) I think I look awesome in green.
11) I am a coastal and city girl. I love things about the mid states and the country, but I adore big cities and living on the coast! I love Cali, but I am an East Coast girl at heart!
12) I have moved ten times growing up... (ID x2, PA x2, CA, WY, NM, VA, OR, UT)
13) I am obsessed with reality TV! I know it can be dumb, meaningless, and trashy, and not really reality at all, but I love it!
14) I wanna be on American Idol someday... Haha! I also want to record my own record someday!
15) I am crazy about jewelry! I love accessorizing and believe that is can make or break an outfit. When picking an outfit I spend a good chunk of time picking the right jewelry and if I am not satisfied with the accessories I am not really happy with the outfit.
16) I love doing makeup and hair - It's not what I want to do professionally, but I could do it as a side route because I love it.
17) My favorite book of all time is The Giver, by Lois Lowry.
18) I speak in movie quotes a lot of the time.
19) If I could meet any entertainer it would be Celine Dion.
20) I am actually very scared when meeting people for the first time if I don't have a friend with me. However, I force myself to do it anyway.
21) Speaking of fears, I am terrified of scorpions and spiders. Not daddy-long-legs, but anything that looks dangerous... which, is pretty much everything else to me.
22) I love the fragrance Sassy from Avon, and Pacific Paradise from Escada. I also love Armani, Gap Blue, and Aquadigio on boys!
23) I love hip hop dancing, but I love listening to slow music with really thoughtful lyrics.
24) I write poetry and music lyrics - a lot.
25) I love any movie directed my Tim Burton or M. Night Shyamalan.
26) I have over fifteen journals and eight scrapbooks from my lifetime, thus far.
27) I like to read, but I get distracted easily while doing it and make up pictures in my head. For example, I create the movie of any book visually in my mind while reading. Therefore, it takes me forever to get through a book.
28) I love talking politics even though it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable at times. It sounds cliche, I know, but it is true... I am a real moderate.
29) My favorite music is actually Christmas music. That is also my favorite Holiday! We have the coolest family traditions for Christmas Eve.
30) I love sleeping in a chilly room, wrapped in lots of blankets and HATE sleeping in a warm room. This is probably because I have to have a blanket on me!
31) I have a disease in my right knee that isn't a big deal anymore, but held me back from some sports stuff in High School.
32) I don't like to cry in public, or at all - I refuse to let myself do it if it can be avoided.
33) I cry over spiritual things, almost always when I hear the song "I Am a Child of God"... and I always cry when I see a special, or movie on TV about special needs individuals or cancer victims.
34) My favorite song of all time is "The Way You Look Tonight," by Steve Tyrell.
35) When I was growing up, I was convinced I was going to marry Zac Hanson. I would tape every music video, interview, performance, and special on them... and I still have the tapes in storage.
36) I love networking, event planning, leadership positions, and interacting with people. I am a complete people person, but I do have to have my personal space for about an hour each day.
37) I am a spitter. I know, gross - eh.
38) Um... I am completely in love (platonic!) with this David Archuleta kid. He's amazingly talented, devoted to/passionate about music, a great example and missionary for the church, humble, and so darn cute! Whenever I hear his song on TV or the radio I stop what I am doing to listen and bask in his glorious, golden tones.
39) Boys who can sing make my heart melt. If a person can't carry a tune I think it is cute, but can only stand it for so long. I have nearly perfect pitch.
40) I usually sleep in athletic shorts and a tank top.
41) I don't wear red during the week of any Utah vs. BYU sporting events - esp. football!
42) I want to go to grad school and want to work whenever I am able to! Family is first to me, always, but I still want to always be working.
43) I don't really like hospitals. I hate seeing life-flight helicopters. Car accidents also make me nervous...
44) I don't like Star Wars. I can stand it, but I don't enjoy it very much.
45) I love the Harry Potter and Twilight series.
46) I am kind of obsessed with stickers... and markers.
47) I want to be in MoTab someday.
48) I have never broken a bone, but have had stitches once on my right hand.
49) I sleep with about eight pillows on my bed each night.
50) In High School, I did show choir, chamber choir, jazz choir, concert band, marching band, drum major, dance team, step team, class representative, theater: musicals... pretty much, I never slept.
51) I have never been skiing, but I like snowboarding.
52) I washed my scriptures once by accident and was devastated. However, then I got to start a new color coded system and was fine.
53) This summer, I became violently ill one week and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Who gets pneumonia?
54) I am always ten minutes late, unless it is vitally important I am somewhere on time (ex: jobs).
55) I started learning piano this summer and am actually becoming fairly decent. I also recently started learning Arabic.
56) I love to travel. I want to go to Holland, Germany, China, Jerusalem, New Zealand, and Disneyworld most!
57) I can do a decent British accent - I've tricked some Brits with it a few times, which brings me to...
58) I am OBSESSED with London, England!!! I lived there for two and half months one summer on a theater study abroad and fell into even deeper love with the culture, people, accents, history, theater, and city itself. I have a lot of American pride, but would love to live there again for a year or so.
59) I want between 4-9 children... I think 7 children is about right, but we'll see what the Lord and my hubby want.
60) I am a very blunt person; VERY blunt.
61) When I was little and my mom would hand my crayons and paper I would draw the first vision. I have very strong ties to Joseph Smith and his family.
62) I want to name one of my little boys Jospeh Carter, and call him Joe. I want to name one of my little girls Cammie Elizabeth, and call her Cammie Beth. I also love weird names like Adian, Keegan, Ryker, Riley, Kira, Zoey, and Jamal.
63) I love Costa Vida and Cafe Rio salads more than anything! That dressing = AMAZING.
64) I like lifting weights and doing aerobic dance to work out. I loath running, though I do it at times.
65) I'm not that into the Beatles. I know - for a musician this is like blasphemy. However, I respect what they did and like some of their songs, but enjoy newer sounds and am not huge into their voices. Great job breaking walls though!
66) I am a night owl.
67) I love romantic comedies more than any other type of movie...
68) I love shopping for new, cute underwear. I hate shopping for bathing suits.
69) I switch clothes with my mom from time to time - she and I give each other fashion advice... except, she can't do hair at all so I do hers sometimes.
70) I am addicted to Diet Coke and lip gloss.
71) I don't like to wear shoes. I have lots of cute pairs, but I always take them off when I get where I am going and sometimes on my way there.
72) I go five miles over the speed limit on rural roads, and ten miles over the speed limit on the freeway. I haven't had a ticket in two years, but I have gotten three.
73) I have been to all but three states in my life - Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska.
74) If I could serve a mission anywhere, I would serve at Temple Square. I would love to serve at a visitor's center. If I had to go foreign, I would want to go to New Zealand or Australia.
75) I have three older brothers (28, 26, 24) and one little sister (16).
76) I am an avid gum chewer, but hate chompers.
77) I get migrains randomly once a month.
78) My allergies include: penicillin, novocaine, arythromyocin, high vinegar content, some dyes in soaps, and febreeze.
79) If I could be anything I would be a vocal performer and recording artist.
80) My dream is to own a small plot of land on La Jolla beach in California, build a beach house, and rent it out to people for cheaper than normal... except for my family and I want to use it. I also want to make enough money to construct a really nice housing complex next to BYU and charge students lower rates for awesome quality living.
81) I try to see the best in people. I like to think that everyone is good from the start - I don't believe in listening to gossip... go to the source and get to know them and their opinion.
82) Worst physical feature: My tummy Best physical feature: My eyes or breasts
83) I love to take pictures with my camera, especially fun candid shots, even though I am not that good at it. I love to be in posed and cheesy photos!
84) My favorite food is Mac and Cheese smothered in applesauce and sour cream, green chilies, chicken enchiladas. I hate carrots, raw tomatoes, and raw fish. I eat ketchup on everything.
85) I do my own manicures each week.
86) I am a high matienance girl who knows how to be thrifty. In other words, I like to have nice clothes and things, but I know how to shop smart and only buy sale items. I have only bought five or six things at full price in my whole life - literally.
87) The smell right after it rains and of fresh baked bread bring my the most joy.
88) I like wearing skirts sometimes - I like dressing really nice for no reason other than to look nice.
89) I feel a lot of satisfaction after painting a room in a home and fixing the room up. I really enjoy doing that!
90) When I was 12 my father almost died in heart attack, and I had told him I hated him the night before. Thus, I tell everyone (no matter how mad or upset I am) that I love them all the time, and especially before I leave to go somewhere.
91) I love to laugh. If you want to be a close friend of mine, you have to have a good sense of humor.
92) I don't think sex is a dirty or taboo topic if talked about appropriately, and I discuss it very openly with family and friends.
93) I most enjoy finding people on the outskirts at a party and talk to them.
94) When I am really mad or upset, I get really quiet.
95) I don't watch R rated movies, but I drink caffeine. I am modest in dress and I don't like swear words. I did go through a swearing stage in fifth grade for awhile though.
96) I have never owed anyone ice cream...
97) I love using the "..." when writing, and I try to be very grammatically correct when I text people.
98) I hate it when girls leave the last bite of something on their plates - that won't make you gain less weight! I also hate it when people don't use their turning signals or ride me when I'm going the speed limit.
99) I tried to go by Liz (instead of Linze) in middle school during sixth grade for about a month. One teacher participated and the rest of them literally told me it was a dumb idea.
100) If I could have any super power it would be teleportation - who wouldn't wanna snap their fingers and just be somewhere else... especially for a girl who is always late.
101) The first time I had to kiss someone was in front of 60 kids at my high school when I was running a scene for this play I was in my senior year. The director added a kiss in for our characters and wanted us to just try it out. It was the end of the day and so the other kids were coming in from their rehearsals. Well, I just went for it when we got to the right part and the whole place went quiet as we separated... The boy stood there looking at me, and then looked at the stage manager and asked, "Um, Line?" Haha! So, pretty much my last thing is I am an amazing kisser... I think? Eh!

Speaking of kissing...


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