Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let's show a lil' leg...

Chicken legs. Thunder thighs. Flabby. Toned.

For years, the male gender has been memorized by the female anatomy. Let's be honest here - we are differently equipped and thus, fascinating to the opposite sex. However, there is one part to our anatomy that men have as well, and yet... men are fascinated by women in this aspect. Legs. The same fascination is not reciprocated by women towards male legs... At least, not within my knowledge - or taste.

(Sidenote: In fact, I um... somewhat... well, strongly... Dislike male thighs. Yep. Someday I will have to face that fear, but till then - hate em'!)

I will never understand the obsession that boys have with legs.

During my sophomore year in High School, I was in a weight lifting class for track team. If I did that I got out of PE, and I hated all the dumb tests in there. If I was gonna get sweaty and gross mid-day, I wanted to actually build some muscle. My body was in such good shape after that class... *sigh* Haha!

Now, one day at lunch one of my best friends (a guy) stated that the sexiest part of the female to him was their legs. Now, let me blunt - I liked this boy... a lot. Therefore, I took all opportunities during my weight lifting class to work my calve muscles like I have never done before... Haha! My legs were already fairly strong, but I wanted definition... and man, did I get it! My legs were awesome. I'm not cocky - I'm being real here.

Then, last night some of my guy friends were chatting about why sister missionaries are not allowed to wear high heels. I knew it was a rule, but I thought it was just about the fact that walking in high heels everywhere gives you blisters, and missions are all about walking... Yea. That's not the only issue here. New flash to myself, as every other individual has probably already discovered, hot legs turn boys on... what?

Anyway, the story continues. A few weeks ago I noticed how much my legs sucked and was talking to my mom about needing to get them in shape again. I simply adore having strong legs and big calves. I even got these special shoes that are built like mini-rockers and tone your legs - yep. I was in to make my legs awesome again...

My point? I still don't get it. I still don't get what makes a leg sexy? It's a LEG!

... and yet, I still do everything in my power to have hotter legs. Yep - good job, society. You got me this time.

This is me and my friend Jackie... Showin' a lil' leg last Halloween as the dark angel (my usual costume - haha!) and me as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas... Yep, boys. Enjoy.


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