Friday, August 14, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix: Reality of Brilliant Farce?

I have been wanting to blog about this for the past two days… Yes, I have been craving the opportunity to blog about something that is utterly superfluous and rather ridiculous. However, I find this “story” captivating… Sue Me. Now, this “story” is slightly dated, but my brother just introduced me to the subject and I was intrigued. Thus, if you read on, you’re gonna get some old news and some newer theories… (It really is very fascinating!)

What is this story that I am taking about?

In February of 2009, Joaquin Phoenix did an interview on The David Letterman Show that was perhaps one of the most bizarre interviews of all time. In fact, a few years (months?) previous to Phoenix’s interview, Farah Fawcett gave a somewhat wacked out interview on David Letterman’s show too (maybe it’s just his show…) and after Phoenix’s interview Letterman stated, “I think that we owe Farah Fawcett an apology [for giving her a hard time over her interview].”

Anyway, in this interview Joaquin Phoenix said that he was giving up acting and working on his music career – a rap career. Pause… He is TERRIBLE! If you UTube him, tagged as a rapper, than you can watch just how horrible it is. However, he does drop the “F Bomb” about twenty times… Heads up! So, in regards to his rap career the audience had a hearty little snickering session, and he sat dumbfounded, asking why people thought that was funny. Letterman even sat there laughing and poking fun at him through the whole interview, and he made no reaction, but to appear confused and semi-offended.

Now, I think that Joaquin Phoenix is a talented actor. This is the man behind Signs, Walk The Line, Ladder 49, and Gladiator. He has taken on numerous roles, with varying personalities. I’m admitting that he’s not in my “Top 5,” but he’s an actor I enjoy watching. Here's some footage of the interview - key points:

So, what the HECK is going on with Phoenix? Has he actually gone off the deep end? Is he on something? His family states that they don’t even know him anymore, and his friends say that it seems like he’s goober-up hardcore. However, reports say there has been no evidence of drugs… Fishy – very fishy. Nothing seems to make sense and fit together quite right. What are my theories?

Here ya go… The kicker of the story is that Phoenix has a filmographer follow him around with a camera and they film everything that he does. They film EVERYTHING he does…

I believe that Phoenix is part of an underground documentary. In about a year or so, some sort of documentary will appear at some Film Festival discussing underground rap artists or wiped out musicians, or perhaps awkward individuals and their classic social moments. I have many theories on what the film will be, but I truly believe that’s what going on with our fellow actor. In a little over a year I believe we will see just how great of an actor Phoenix is... I guess the statement “only time will tell” is true.


Song of the Day: David Ryan Harris – Turn Around. This is a FABULOUS song! I adore his soulful, acoustic sound and this song it unique and genuine… Plus, it’s about something we all go through when dealing with lost love… Dramatic, I know. Go listen to David Ryan Harris’s, Turn Around. Enjoy!

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Mike said...

I remember the interview and people were saying then that he was doing some sort of project, mockumentary style. Dave's best line of the interview though, "Well, I'm sorry you couldn't be here Joaquin."