Saturday, August 1, 2009

Merry Birthday, Harry!

So, I figured since the Brits tend to say "Happy Christmas," rather than Merry Christmas, I can say "Merry Birthday!" to the famous Harry Potter... Plus, he can't really get offended, as he is a fictional character. I know - shocked, right? I was when I found out too... :)

I have a lot to catch-up on from these past few weeks, including the American Idol auditions in Denver, Derek's accident at Seven Peaks, working Stadium of Fire, and going to The Fray concert... I think that I will start blogging a little more this week as I have some downtime finally. Who am I kidding? I have had a lot of free time, but have been scrapbooking, seeing movies, writing music, reading an AMAZING new book, and just chillin'... So, I will spend this weekend catching up!

Anyway, TODAY is not about me. TODAY is about one of the most well-written, fictional characters to grace the pages of children (and let's be honest, adult) literature. That's right! TODAY is the birthday of HARRY POTTER!!! Harry is turning 29 and has certainly been through a lot... he deserves a quite nice birthday at home with Ginny. Okay, that was taking it WAY to far. Haha!

It is also about the creator and writer of that character, as it is her real birthday as well... Thus, I believe we should also say a fantastic "Happy Birthday" to Miss JK ROWLING!

Sidenote: It will probably be August 1, 2009 when I post this. Harry and JK were born on July 31... just so you know. Okay, I really am done being a geek. For now...

Now, in honor of these special birthday's (and truth be told, I wanted to celebrate a piece of my childhood) we decided to make a cake... and not just ANY cake - a HARRY POTTER caricature cake! Boo-yah! Haha... Below you will find some pictures of this incredible cake - tasted rather amazing too, might I add - and our mini birthday celebration... Cami took video as we sang happy birthday in our best British accents - classic.

Enjoy "canibaliam" at it's best... or worst. Haha!


Song of the Day: So, I have a lot of songs to pick today that are new finds, gold-mines - that rhymes... that does too! Haha... I'm done. Really. Haha! Anyway, because I am going to be writing a few times this weekend, I will pick this one that I should have loved long ago, but only discovered right before I went to Denever for Idol tryouts... Check out The Killers song, Spaceman. It is AWESOME! I wasn't a big fan of The Killers in the past... I'm not sure why. However, I have recently gotten into their music and I LOVE this song... It's a great workout song, but a bizzare music video - Enjoy, Spaceman!

The Killers - Spaceman
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David said...

Happy Birthday, Harry!

Adam R. said...

New Zealanders say "Happy Christmas" sometimes too. However, if I were Harry, I'd be offended about "Merry Birthday." JK

Good times!

Mike said...

This post makes me feel like less of a nerd...:-)