Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Linze's Guide to American Idol Audtions: For Beginners and The Advnaced

Okay, okay... So, it's about time that I tell y'all about my amazing experience that was, American Idol Auditions. About a month ago, I hopped a plane and flew to Denver, CO to sing less than 20 seconds of a song to one/two (The number grew mid-song) low-end producers for the show. It was an awesome expereince and I met a lot of amazing people, AND in line I saw a friend from my first HS that I haven't seen since I was 16! That was mighty tender... Haha!

Here's a little reader's digest version of the experience to help future auditionees, document a piece of my life, and depict some of the craziness that the audition encompassed...Now, I went to Denver for the audition, but I also got to spend time with some family that I haven't seen in forever. When I arrived in Denver the Saturday morning before auditions (which were Tuesday) my "Aunt" Shelly and her four girls (19, 17, 11, & 9) picked me up and we headed to a local amusement park. It was a BLAST! I didn't even scream on all the intense rollercoasters, etc. Be proud of me... Haha! I find that I actually spend the whole time on rides just laughing... eh.

Sidenote: I say "Aunt" with quotations cause she's my dad's cousin and not my real aunt, though obviously that's what I call her.

That evening I went to Miles High, Bronco Stadium at 12:30am to line up for the audition registration - Shelly's oldest daughter, Maddy, came with me after some heavy coaxing though I didn't know her very well. She is way more shy, so I think that it was really good for her. There's a picture of her and I on your left, eating pizza at about three in the morning that some guys next to us offered us... So good! Haha...

Anyway, upon arriving at the stadium people were JUST lining up and I was one of the first 100-200 people in line! AWESOME! Haha... I started talking to the black girl from Indianapolis (19 years old) named Lauren and made a new friend quickly - There is a pic of her and her friend Katie on the side. Maddy helped her save a camp out position for her and her friend so we stayed connected. Then, right across from us I met these two girls (who just had met at the airport eariler that day as well) named Tanya (22 year old preschool teacher from Wisconsin - her mom Robyn was with her and is awesome) and Jacque (20 year old from Arizona). I have noticed that this process is all about meeting new people as well as the audition. We were all there with the same dreams and ambitions or to support friends in these endeavors, and it really brings people together.

Anyway, the small group of us got close in our seven hours waiting together (they let us in at 7:15am in shifts) and got our seats next to each other for Tuesday's audition day. We had set seat numbers for Tuesday, which was awesome cause it made audition day move WAY quickly. The pic on the right is right before our group registered. Anyway, Tanya, Jacque, and Lauren really were SUCH fun girls and I actually ended up picking Jacque up Monday afternoon to go shopping together. We went to Hard Rock Cafe and around the city, and had a great time... None of them made it through, but I wasn't way shocked... One of the girls had a pretty great voice, but the others weren't that fantastic... sad day.

After getting our reserved seat tickets in the stadium, Maddy and I headed back to Shelly's to hit the sack before going to church and then spending some quality time by the pool afterward.

There is a pic on your left of the huge crowds that were awaiting the Registration Lines - This was me holding my camera up behind me, but the line wrapped all the way around the stadium!

So, EARLY (5am) on Tuesday morning I arrived at the stadium... It was CRAZY! We headed to the back of the line and waited to be let in until around 7:00am. They did a bunch of the crowd shots, and our crowd was assigned a song to learn (Denver's song was Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats) that we sang a few times through. They had us yell the classic things like, "No! I'm the next American Idol!" and other random anecdotes. Finally they started around 8:30am with auditions...

I was one of the first to audition and I just stoked! I was done by 9:30am cause I was in the very first section of people to sing, which was nice. I was a BIT nervous, before I walked to the production table, but I was fine once I started singing for the producers. They put us in lines of four at each little pavillion, and when it was your turn you stepped forward, did your thing and got back in line. You can see we had our bags with us and everything - You dropped your stuff to the side and sang. I had nineteen seconds too sing a small part of Jewel's Foolish Games - 19 SECONDS! Yea. It was crazy....

As you can tell, I am sure, I did NOT make it through to the next round. However, there is a silver lining in that a lot of people who heard me were VERY complimentary and one producer DID pull me aside to tell me I was fantastic... just not what they wanted - which was intense originality. It really was a positive experience, and made me notice that I do have some exceptional and non-ordinary talent - so, I am ready to work hard to make "dreams come true." Haha... But, seriously.

(Below is Jacque, Tanya, Me, and Maddy after bit after the auditions, outside of the stadium!)
Plus, the family that I have there, and stayed with there, is having a tough time cause my "Aunt" just got divorced and the kids are struggling... Thus, I got to take the girls out and hang out with them and help them feel like they had someone to talk to. One of the girls, Maddy, is 19 and goes to SVU, and she is struggling the most. So, I have been talking a lot with her since I left & it's been great for her... I think that might be a huge reason that I was there, in all honesty. That and motivation... :) AND, you can be here when I finally hit it big now! Haha...

Also, SOOOOOOO many people took time to write me emails, wall posts, and texts saying "Good Luck!" or "We're praying for you!" It was very thoughtful and I can not thank those people enough... I have great friends and family... Serious.

In short, American Idol Season 9 is "Linzeless," but I am sure they will have great contestants - just none with my attitude and passion. Next Season? Eh. Probably not - I think there are other ways that I can be noticed and use my talent. I am just hoping that the Lord's plan and my plan collide someday soon... :) Dream big, right? Hahah... So, if the music industry is where I need to finally be, I will be there!

It was a great experience! I had fun, met some awesome people, and I spent time with my family - mission accomplished how it needed to be accomplished. I guess. Haha!

Oh, I wanted to watch the meteor shower tonight, but I start work again tomorrow - I am excited though. FINALLY! I'm ready to see my little ones on Monday and ready to make money again!


Song of the Day: This artist has a new album coming out at the end of the month and her previous albums are AMAZING - I mean, she was nominated for two (maybe three?) GRAMMY AWARDS! Haha... She also writes and producers her own albums independently, which is pretty amazing too. Her name? Imogen Heap! The song? Well, this is hard cause the ENTIRE album is stellar... Um, I think I'll choose Imogen Heap's, The Walk, cause it's the song that got me HOOKED on her music. Enjoy!


Adam R. said...

as I said before, you're my Idol! Woohoo!!!!!

Mike said...

I think it's so awesome that you did this! You're such a superstar Linze, definitely one of my favorite people. You are officially on the Neat List.

Team Carter said...

love you to pieces. and i want you to know that the other day my mom said "Linze is totally good enough for AI!" I agree. you are wonderful. and your voice is beautiful!