Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Helping Hands &Healing Hearts

So, tonight for FHE we had the wonderful opportunity to partake in a service activity. We try to do one once a month for our Monday night extravaganzas, and I have to say I really love it. I was a little upset but some things that were said yesterday in regards to picking and choosing what service some members of the ward wished to participate in. It's unfortunate that some people see it that way... Service isn't doing what is convenient and easy for you; doing what needs to be done in order to help someone or something. Service is forgetting yourself and truly thinking of others, and it feels great to help another person with feeling happy.

Tonight we went to a home of a lady in my parents ward who is having a tough time, and were intending to move some branches left from a previous service project. However, when we got there that had been already been done by this woman's son-in-law... I was a little panicked because we had a great turn-out and I wanted us to be able to help in some way!

So, the woman came out of the house and gratefully brought to our attention the weeds and huge bushes in the front of her house that needed to be pulled, cut, and moved to the dumpster. We got set to work right away!

We had a great time and really felt great helping that woman out... I was a little bit of a baby with touching the bugs... There were centipedes like MAD up in there - not cool. Haha! In fact, the pic to your left is me reenacting my shocked expression over the monster bugs... O toned down version though. Nonetheless, I found way to be equally helpful shoveling, raking, throwing our the roots & brnahces when the boxes we filled were full, and taking some pics for our FHE history. I really was great! There are some pics below of the activity I was able to plan...

I have a testimony of serving others. I know that as we look outside of ourselves, we grow closer to our Savior and Father in Heaven. I know that we are happier when we are serving others, and we carry the light of Christ as we do so. I know that it will help us grow in so many way... In compassion, empathy, understanding, socially, gratitude, and it will help us grow to be more like our Savior. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have to serve others... I know that we are all blessed as we do so, and you know... We had a GREAT time!


Song of The Day: I love Ben Folds.... His song Brick is fabulous and is a HUGE memory in my life, among his songs on the Rockin' The Suburbs album. Enjoy a song by him from his latest album that is not a single, but... Classic AMAZINGNESS. It really is beautiful, though a sad song in many ways, and I LOVE his use of the piano. Listen to a live version of Ben Fold's Kylie from Connecticut.... Enjoy!

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Adam R. said...

I liked how you were wearing your SHA shirt while doing it! Yeah.