Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sidenotes and Tid-bits

There certainly is a lot to catch-up in from this past month... So, let me make my first ever, "sidenotes and tid-bits" list to get myself back up to par with where my record keeping should me...

1 - This week has been a bit of a crazy one in that my brother had to wait till THURSDAY for his surgery. They got in and found his ligaments were ridiculously torn and had to give him cadaver ligaments... SICK! Now, he is a member of the "living dead..." Seriously. He ALSO celebrated his 25th birthday this year - YAY! It was a lunch party with the local family and his best friend, Brad. His bestie is SO good to him - I'm glad my brother has genuine, good friends.

2 - I have WAY too many receptions to attend this month... I have three alone this week. I am gonna have to pick and chose.

3 - I finally gave in and bought a new laptop... I had the same one all through college and it was just NOT working anymore. It got so bad that it would only function for me for about 20 minutes and then freeze, even though I have all my music and pics on an external hard-drive. My brothers all work with computers, and my eldest bro helped me fix the computer three times before... So, it was time. I am actually excited about my purchase! I parted ways with my previous lappy and found a beautiful, compact, perfectly functioning new computer for $511 TOTAL (Including tax, etc. - TOTAL.), and I bought it this week. It was hard parting with some of my savings account, but as I type on my new "baby," I feel supremely satisfied.

4 - I have been writing more songs this week and feel SO good about some recent ones I am working on.

5 - I have spent the past few weeks (and past year, actually) really thinking about what I want to do with my life. I love music and theater... I want to act and sing. That's logical. My mom has suggested acting school in California, NY, Chicago, or London... I am trying to decide if that is the best route for me. Also, I have option number two, which is Grad School studying Event Planning & Sports Managment, or Music Business. I love those options as well... However, what do I really want to do? Again, act and sing. In conclusion of this thought, I have not concluded what my decision is and should be.

6 - In relation, growing up is hard...

7 - On a totally new topic, my newest calling this summer has been "FHE CoChair/Mom" and I have loved it. We have had SUCH success with FHE this summer and I pray that success continues... I really love my ward. I love the spirit there is on Sundays, and the thoughts that individuals provide in Sunday School or Relief Society. I love the power in the member of the bishopric, and that I am surrounded by worthy men who hold the priesthood - and use it correctly. I love my VT calling, and I finally understand the need for VT and HT... I love the gospel. I know and testify that it is the true word and work of God... and I am beyond thankful to know that. (This isn't really classified as a sidenote or tid-bit, but still...)

8 -I miss my besties Sarah and Nicole... I am SO glad they are out serving missions for our Heavenly Father, but I really missed them this past week...

9 - I hate having to worry about money as you get older. How am I going to pay rent again? How am I going to pay for school again AND pay off loans? How am I going to get a high enough paying job? Right now, I am looking for a second job to get some evening and weekend hours so I can truly save some money... It's not easy. If anyone has connections to people in Draper & Sandy area, and can hook me up with another job (or a better full-time one) please, let me know. Seriously, this senorita needs more moolah to move away and go back to school...

10 - I really am stoked to go back to Channing and see my little ones this next week - I really have missed my buddies!!! I noticed I call all my little ones, Bubba though... especially one of them, though.... weird.

11 - Did I ever mention that I got a pet hamster in June? Yea - a panda hamster! He is ADORABLE! I truly love him - little Cadence... :)

12 - I am not going to do a huge write-up on The Fray concert, but I will post a few pics and call it good - haha! The concert was amazing and as most concert are my this chica, inspiring (I don't know why I am loving the Spanish today). Their set was AMAZING - very inventive and simple - a four-way, split screen and simple bubble bulbed lighting net as the back draping. The color changes in the lighting and the way they used the simple set were amazing though - truly spectacular visually, but not overly stimulating. Plus, The Fray AND Jack's Mannequin sounded GREAT live! That was one KICK concert!

The pics below are as follows: Myself with Brandon and Chad - Two pics of The Fray and their amazing set - AND, Myself with Scott, Emily, and Chad -our little concert crew!!!

Okay, that was my tid-bit chart... I need to write about Stadium of Fire & Idol tryouts to truly catch-up, but tonight I am going to pass tonight and go read a bit before bed... I am currently enjoying a literary work I discovered to be genius. It's a newer series called The Mysterious Benedict Society, and it clever in the writing style and keeps you page turning as you wonder what will happen next. My mama discovered them and I am halfway through the first book... I encourage all to partake in the awesomeness.


Song of the Day: Even though I already gave you a book of the day above, I shall provide some melodic nourishment for you. In adding all my music to the new computer I came across many older songs that need to be enjoyed and remembered... So, today I give you an older goodie called The Freshman by The Verve Pipe. It's one of my favorite songs of all time... even though the message is, uh, debatable. ENJOY!

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