Thursday, March 11, 2010

Auf Wiedershen, Alex.... Wilkomenn Switzerland!

I know that I JUST wrote a meaningless post, but none the less... Here I go again!

I am BEYOND upset with the American Idol results tonight. The ONE person that I really did NOT want to go home, the ONE person I cared about in the competition, is OUT. Alex Lambert, voice of gold and FINALLY figuring himself out... is going home. He should have stayed. Tim, Aaron, Paige, and Lacey should have been out. I leave America and this happens. Haha!

Also, Lily was SO original and talented, and Katelyn was my favorite girl... and she's heading home too! She had a GREAT voice, even if her song choices weren't the best. It makes me sad...

Really, I'll still watch the show, but... This season overall has seemed... Off. It's just not gelling, and people's passion isn't there. It's aggravating.... It's sad.

On a positive note, I did see two bright lights in people this week. Didi Benami performed really well this week, but I'm a bit over her same style each week. I do like her alright though. Then, there was Mike Lynche. DAAAAAAAAANG! Homeboy can saaaaang! Haha... Seriously, he was fantastic. He performed "A Woman's Work" (originally by Maxwell - I'll never forget the dance to this in season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance... SO beautiful!) and it was incredible. He was fantastic sounding and as a performer.

Anyway, I will miss Alex Lambert.... As I currently obsessed with the type of music he was perfomring (James Morrison, Ray LaMontagne, and John Legend) I was crushed that he is gone.... Hm.

Others to perhaps love and support now (?): Casey James (liked him at the beginning, but he hasn't done much since), Andrew Garcia (same thing as Casey, but even less wow factor since...), and Didi Benami (another early peaker, and I'm noticing how negative I think that can be as they're always trying to surpass "that moment" of before...), and of course, Michael Lynche (just really great and getting better!).

I like Crystal, but she hasn't done it for me yet.... hm.

Last thought, I actually like Lee's style, but homeboy is ALWAYS really pitchy.... Why does he get so much praise? Also, why the HECK are Aaron and Tim still there -especially Tim? Please, someone explain. It's not about votes, really it's not, so.... explain.

I can't be too mad though....
I go to Switzerland in the morning!!!

Song of the Day: In honor of Alex Lambert, here is his most recent performance of Trouble, by Ray LaMontagne. Enjoy! (I know I sure did!)


Sue said...

I was soooooo bummed that Alex was sent home!!!! Sad day!!! I'm loving Michael though. I agree that Tim should be gone! Have fun girlie!

Sam said...

I agree whole-heartedly, this season is not working. It doesn't seem like there people really care about it. It has become just another season of another TV show. This is the first time I've actually watched from the beginning, and its been a bit disappointing. They're pulling all they can for TV, but there's no news really. Anyway, have fun and keep me posted on Switzerland

Matt and Autumn Stone said...

your post cracks me up! haha! i don't keep up with american idol at all but i've heard adam lambert's song on the radio and do really like and does have a great voice!