Friday, March 26, 2010

Stand Under My Umbrella...

So, today as I was makin' my way through the U-bahn station at PlittersdorferStr, I walked past a very picturesque umbrella. This dark blue umbrella had a few small rips and tears throughout the fabric and was chillin' upside-down in the middle of the staircase. For some reason, I longed for my camera(though it is somewhat indisposed at this point still). This umbrella in the subway station was just calling out for someone to take a picture - it was perfect. It was like the triumphant warrior, facing the rain, and had lost the battle with the wind. Then, it had fallen from its master's hand after it was no longer needed...

I don't know why, but I was captivated by the mental image and found myself staring at the image for some time before moving on. I felt a little sad leaving the umbrella behind. I longed to pick it back up...
However, I did move on... and as I made my way down the street, I made up little stories of how the umbrella came to be left upon that staircase.

Perhaps the owner was being mugged and the umbrella was used to fight off the invader. Perhaps the umbrella belonged to a little girl and she dropped it, still opened, as her mom pulled her along down the stairs so they wouldn't miss their train.

Maybe there was an older brother who was poking the younger sister with the umbrella and when the younger sibling got angry, she ripped the umbrella away, causing holes. Then, when the mother had broken up the fight, she tried to use the umbrella again. Finding that it was filled with small holes, she let it fall to the wayside. Or, maybe the owner merely left it there as a tribute.

I like that idea... though it's also the most unlikely.

It also made my think about all of the things that we use umbrellas for... I know. You're thinking, "Linze. We use umbrellas for the rain." True. However, we also use them for the sun, the snow, protection from all kinds of weather really... but there's more.

Umbrellas have become a huge part of the wedding circuit. Couples are using them to enhance their wedding photos by adding something more to their pictures.
People are using umbrellas as decoration...
Or, forms of art...
Some people are even collecting miniture umbrellas for whatever reason there may be to do so... Sidenote: I'm not sure what those reasons might be. Hm.
People are even having "Umbrella Parties." I kid you not. Yes, below is a picture of just such an event.

And also, the umbrella one has says a lot about their personality. You might think that's not the truth, but you'd be wrong. Trust me - I know these kind of things. Look at the picture below, for example... There are all these different kind of umbrellas in the crowd. Just like people, some scream, "look at me!" while others are just meant to blend in. Some of them have different colors and designs on them. While others are a solitary color. Some of the umbrellas are more fun, and some more plain... They all have numerous uses and are there to help us, but they each say something different.... like people.
It made me realize... I like my umbrella. It's seen me through Virginia, Oregon, Utah, London, and now, Germany. However, it might be time for me to think about getting one that says a bit more about me. I mean, it's a cute blue and green polka-dotted fabric, but there's more to be said now than the girly-youthful print.

Then again, maybe no one else sees this in an umbrella. Maybe no one else cares what their or any one else's umbrella looks like. Maybe no one else notices... but what's important, is that I notice.

Time the time and notice the little things, such as the beauty in an abandoned umbrella on some stairs.

Song of the Day: I bet you thought the song was going to be "Umbrella," but if that was your guess... You were sorely mistaken. Nope. There are many I want to post, but today in honor the umbrella, we'll do a song regarding their main, most common use... This is a song called Rain by Breaking Benjamin. I LOVE this song and it has been a fave of mine since my freshman year...

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