Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Your Hair DID!

Well, you asked... and you shall receive. Okay, so only a few people asked me, but you ALL are receiving. What are you receiving you ask? Well, pictures of the hottest girl you've ever seen... maybe.

Here are some grainy pictures of the new do, taken with my computer because my camera is still broken. I'm going to order a new one this week. I hate broken cameras... Boo.

It's a cut I feel like I've had a million times, but when you are explaining what you want in a language the hairdresser barely knows... Under those circumstances, I think she did a pretty good job. As for the color - it WAS orange... Now, it's red/orange and better.... Still a bit bright for me, but it works for now. In the words of Miley Cyrus & Timbaland, "I've got a brand new hair-do... with my brand new attitude!" Haha... classic.
Now I feel subsequently vain with my little photo shoot.... Vain and "really really good-looking."

Song of the Day: Yesterday a friend sent me this link to check out the mutual theme for 2010... The video is awesome! I really love that they didn't necessarily pick tons of perfect singers, but youth from all over with all types of voices. What an amazing opportunity for all those youth involved... Check out the video and then the website for resources whether you're a youth or not - it's really awesome! Here's the Mutual Theme for 2010, Be Strong and of a Good Courage - Enjoy!

Sidenote: The boy from the Philippines made me want to learn the language - SO beautiful!


Mindy said...

Looks super cute, friend!! :)

Ash and Matt said...

It looks so cute!!! I'm glad you didn't have lice; I would have been freaking out sitting in that chair waiting to be checked, too!