Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Appropriate Reference? I Think... Okay!

I just need a place to post this hilarious short-story... My friend posted a status on facebook that read as the following:

...While wedding dress shopping a friend commented, "That other dress was great, it was perfect...but it's the 'Jacob' dress. It would totally be the one if it weren't for the more awesome seemingly non-existent 'Edward' dress that you are wearing. It's the one!" 

I read this and died.  Yep, I died laughing on the spot.  I love Twilight, don't get me wrong, but who would think to compare real-life decisions to that series... I suppose I do that with many books, songs, films, etc. at times.  So, it's legit... and priceless.  

Song of the Day:  Lenka, "Heart Skips a Beat."  It's a good one - Sam, I think you'll dig this one. There are two different versions of the music video... and I'm posting both.  Which one is better?  I like the first better, but the second is def. more "budgeted."  Enjoy!

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