Thursday, April 21, 2011

Initial Vehicular Mishap... AKA: First Car Accident.

It was a beautiful sunny day (at the time), and though rain clouds were headed my way literally and metaphorically, I was content to drive through Provo with my best friend.  I had just grabbed lunch with Sarah and was headed to Kiwanis park to eat there.  We were dying to soak up the last few minutes of sunshine the day had to offer.  Moments later, while stopped at a stoplight off Bulldog (for those who know not what I'm talking about, it's a street), I felt my car slam forward.  I literally sat there for a second and thought, "What did I do?!  What just happened...?" I collected myself and my thoughts, looked in the rear-view mirror to hand out the death stare, and sternly signaled for the boy to get out of his car... I was in complete teacher/mom mode.  Haha! 

Jumping forward five minutes, my car was fineSarah was fine, and I was fine.  Still, I made the significantly nervous boy give me his name, number, and I copied down his license plate number.  First, it's not my car - it's my dad's car.  Second, if it was my car, I would have done the same thing.  Third, it was my first time ever having something like this (no matter how small) happen to me while driving.  Plus, what if I drove away and suddenly the tailpipe exploded or the back bumper fell of?!  I know - unrealistic.  However, I was going to be prepared in case. 

If time slows down in a car accident where nothing was harmed, and that literally only took two seconds to happen, I can't imagine being in a full-blown, few-seconds-long accident and not freaking out.  Time genuinely felt slower.  My thoughts were clouded and blurred.  It was insane... I felt invaded, ruffled, shocked... mostly shocked.  I just couldn't believe that it really happened.  I KNOW nothing critical happened, but I was still so flusteredI rarely get flustered.

I had a realization through the whole experience though... A girl shared an experience during FHE a few weeks ago where she had prayed to be safe while she traveled and then got in a car accident.  She was so angry and felt that her prayer had gone unheard.  However, her sister pointed out that they were okay... The car was a bit banged up, but they were safe and unharmed completely.

Today, before I left for Provo I said a prayer that I would be safe in all my travels and that no harm would come upon me or the car.  The back of the my car was hit, and was left unharmed.  I was safe and protected... It might seem simple, but I was really grateful.  God loves us, and He answers prayers.

That's pretty great. 

Song of the Day:  This was one of the free songs from ITunes, and I actually loved it!  Sometimes, with the songs they give for free, it's apparent as to WHY they are free.  Haha!  However, THIS song is great... Here is Beth Ditto with "I Wrote the Book."  It's got a great beat, classic lyrics, and her voice is unique... The video is a bit weird and artsy-fartsy... but, I love it.  Enjoy!


Emily said...

So glad your safe! My first car accident was on the way to the American Idol finale....the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me!

Roman Barnes said...

It’s good to know that you were not badly hurt. Anyway, you did it right in collecting the necessary details from the boy. No matter what the extent, both of you were caught in an accident and have to undergo proper procedure. Though he didn’t do it on a purpose, it could at least teach him a lesson to be careful with his driving next time.

Roman Barnes @ Johnson & Johnson Law Firm