Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Bliss

I love Sundays.

I find joy in afternoon naps, family dinners, and movie/game nights.  I find joy in seeing friends and church leaders.  I find joy in learning more about my Savior and my relationship with him.  I find joy in turning inward and becoming a better person through the Atonement and the weekly administration of the sacrament. 

Today, I had all of the above, and it was quite glorious.

I could tell you that Relief Society's lesson was about honesty and that we studies the teachings of Matthew 18 in Sunday School (the parable of the talents, becoming like children, and dealing with your issues head-on - not gossiping).  I can tell you that sacrament meeting was predominately about missionary work and reaching out to those around us.  However, even most important I can tell you how I felt.  There are certain times in my life where I have unique moments (each different - each wonderful) when I'm reminded of ways that I need to grow or improve and of the promises that were given to me through the gospel.  I had one of those moments today and was inspired to "stand a little taller" and "be a little better."

I was inspired to be a better scriptorian and  become what I am meant to be.... 
Along with an inspiring and personally fulfilling day, it was quite an entertaining one as well... I have a great ward.  I mean it.  I've heard stories about some shady singles wards and I always worry that I might get into some that are going to be terrible.  However, I have always found myself in good ones and THIS one is one of my all-time favorites.  We have a great singles stake, and a kick-butt ward.  I have a FANTASTIC ward and AMAZING bishopric.  They are so fun and loving - it takes pretty amazing couples to be the "singles ward parents," and we have a few good sets within our ward.  I feel very blessed.

I'll give you a taste of my bishop's humor...

As the meeting began today the bishop announced the scheduled outline for the speakers.  "First we'll have Karen ____, followed by Ethan ____.  He's just put in his mission papers ladies, so don't ask him on a date... for two years.  We'll then have a musical number, and last you'll hear from Bishop Scott (speaking of himself) with a talk called 'Hell, Fire, and Damnation.'  It's going to be a good one."  Haha! 
That was not what the talk was on at all...  He talked about many different things, but to start off he talked about the challenge that the single men in the church got last week in General Conference.  He stated, "Now ladies, you heard the chastisement the boys received last week during conference.  Ladies, they got it even worse in priesthood!  So, to help you all along I have created a chart.  Here goes.  Those who are 22, 23, and 24 - you have one year to find your eternal companion.  Those who are 25, 26, and 27 - you have three months.  And those who are 28, 29, and 30 - you have until the end of sacrament meeting... Okay, GO!"  

Haha... I love him.  I turned to my neighbor (who is in the latter group) and said, "Pull out your phone, let's getting texting.  We gotta find you a spouse!"

When sacrament was over, I was talking with some of the older girls and they said, "Well, we had till the end of the meeting, and that didn't happen. So, what now?"  I replied, "The talk was called 'Hell, Fire, and Damnation...'  There you go!" 

I love my ward.


Song of the Day: 
I found this little jam that I completely adore from Thompson Square called "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not."  I love it...  Enjoy!


Mike said...

At first I thought "Challenge Hat? What on Earth is a Challenge Hat? And how did I miss THAT part of General Conference?" Then I realized you had merely overlooked a typo. :-)

Mindy said...

I am just really glad you said your lesson was on honesty because we haven' gotten our "official" lesson schedule for the year yet (ha!) and I am just doing' the best I can to keep our girlies on the right lesson! P.s. Of course Mikey would find the typo.