Monday, April 25, 2011

Pornography: An Epidemic

I am surrounded by exceptional people with unique and important talents!  I have amazing friends, acquaintances, teachers, leaders, and family.  Today this was re-manifest to me through the genuine innovation of some of my old friends regarding their involvement in the creation of video promoting an amazing cause... The fight against pornography.  They are two of the individuals seen in THIS video:

THIS is a fantastic video (brought to us by! I'll say what I said to some of the creators: This style of video is so much more accessible for teens to watch because it's not so in-your-face with "Porn is bad!", but yet it is SO clear... Pornography is addictive. This is a resource that WILL bless lives...

I am passionate about this topic.  I have seen pornography destroy relationships, goals/dreams, families, and lives.  It's sad that we don't always realize how the little things can harness us, and get in our way... Pornography creates false expectations and emotions - it does not instill in us anything that is worth embracing, or that is real.

One of my friends once told me he began an anti-porn presentation by saying, "I have a problem with pornography."  The room got uncomfortable.  He continued, "I have a problem with it, and I am willing to bet that everyone in this room also has a problem with pornography." People began to look at one another uncomfortably and look worried... He began again, "We all have a problem with pornography, because we are all against it... It's an issue."  As he demonstrated in those few seconds prior to the meat of his presentation, it's an uncomfortable topic... The fact that we don't talk about it is part of the problem.

We must create a safe-space where those with a real problem with pornography, even an addiction, are comfortable getting help.  I am NOT saying that we need to create a place of acceptance for porn, but for the addict... Hopefully by creating that safe-space, we can stop the issue before an addiction comes into play.  Additionally, by educating people on the negative effects of pornography and the sense of false love and false reality it produces, we can stop the epidemic from growing...

Yes.  It IS an epidemic As I said before, I've seen it first-hand destroy lives.

Become a fighter.  Spread this video and other information about the negative effects of pornography and help Fight the New Drug.

*I'm giving full attention to the video above today... :)

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