Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leggings to... Jeggings?!

I hated leggings.  Then, I bought a pair to keep me warm in Germany.

I now love leggings.  That is, assuming they're not ugly ones.

Sidenote:  Also, considering you wear non-slippy underwear with them... If you don't know what I mean, don't ask.  Please.

I hated jeggings.  Why would a girl need to wear fake jeans!?  Then, I bought a pair last week because I thought I needed to give them a try to be fair.  Who I was being fair to, I have no idea... but I was fair.

I tried them today... I now love jeggings.  That is, assuming I wear a long shirt with them so it's not completely showing every piece of my body they're conformed to...  Jeggings are NOT jeans, ladies... but they're stylish leggings.

Yep.  I love jeggings.

Judge away.  Whether you appreciate it or not, I am now a jeggings person. 

Song of the Day: This is from James Morrison's upcoming album (Oct. 11th!)... If you do NOT know who James Morrison is, you should be musically ashamed of yourself.  He is AMAZING.... a melodic master.  Here is James Morrison (Feat. Jessie J) with "Up."  It's an inspiring tune, with incredible voices and a smooth sound... Enjoy!


Mike said...

You know who else loves jeggings? Conan O'Brien. Youtube it.

C&C said...

You are so funny. I miss you! I've never dared to try jeggings, although just yesterday I was thinking about how comfortable they look....
I play it safe and put them on Charlotte instead. Let's see a picture of YOU in the jeggings!

Steffi said...

Haha....I am not going to tell Imke! She always wanted some jeggings and I refused to buy them! ;-) Funny to hear you love them. I miss a picture though!