Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Words Can Be Funny...

Here are some recent winner's from Eliza:

"I'm painting a miral now!" - Eliza
"A mural?" - Linze
"Yes, a muuuural.  It's going to be pretty after all." - Eliza

"This is hummy!" - Eliza, pointing to her toy hummingbird...
"What's the turtle's name?" - Linze
"..... Turtie?" - Eliza

"I just like the girls, and NOT the boys." - Eliza

"You will be the dad, and you will marry me." - Little Girl
"No!" - Little Boy
"You should marry me!" - Little Girl
"Do I have to?" - Little Boy

While on the swings...
"Should I fly you all the way up to the moon?" - Linze
"Not really the moon.  Otherwise, our mom wouldn't have a kid anymore.  That wouldn't be fair." - Eliza

Here are a few friend ones too - just for kicks!:

"I am NOT judging.  I'm making fun of them." - Kay

"It's called pride, not discrimination!" - Kay:)

 "I'll do him and...*Laughs*... Backup." - Linze

"Wunderbar!" - Mark

"I want the slightly apostate cousin..." - Hayley


Song of the Day: "Just In Love" - Joe Jonas.... It's just FUN!  Enjoy!

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