Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Life is a Sitcom... Or, it Will Be!

"Writing is like standing on the edge of a giant cliff over a bunch of water, it is freaky to do and really intimidating, but once you dive in it is so much fun." - Chad Johnson (not the football player)

For one of my MAT classes we were given the task of "learning something new."  The perimeter was vast, so I can basically do anything.  I thought about learning to play guitar and writing a song for the final. or finally sewing that tie-skirt... I have all the ties!  Haha... I decided on a million and one things in the two weeks I had to think about it before I needed to make a decision, but finally I made my choice.

I am going to write my life into a sitcom.

Let's face it.  My life would give any writer plenty of material.

Okay, okay... not EXACTLY my life, but select moments/incidents or aspects of my life - past, present, and hopes of the future.  I just have so many awkward and funny things happen to me and those surrounding me, and my family is a bit crazy (which is hilarious and fun)... I think it's time I share that hilarity and awkwardidity... awkwardness.  

So, over the past few weeks I have spent time talking to friends about ideas for plot, setting, and characters.  I have spoken with my friend Chad (Mr. Pro-Writer) about how to really write a sitcom and taken his advice in reading scripts and studying the types of shows I want to model mine after.  I try to help him out then by giving him ad ideas, but I am not as creative as I thought when it's not "in the moment."  I have talked with Chad about how to start writing... It's definitely harder than I thought.  I have a lot of big ideas, but don't know how to funnel them into a cohesive script...

I have written character descriptions and now I just have to find a place for these characters to come to life.  Chad says, "You have to build the playground before you can play." I completely love this notion.  I need to create characters that can play on and build the "playground" that is my show, then I need to build the "playground" by creating a setting and overall plot for the storyline.  Once I have that in place I should be good to really dive into the writing a script part.  So, I have the characters for the most part - I need to create a strong antagonist figure to the main character -  and I need to now create a setting... I have ideas.  I just need to pick one.  I think I'll ask some friends and other people from my MAT program their thoughts.  I need a location that allows room for truly funny things to happen, but where there is meaning behind the main character's life... where the plot (and the character) has more depth than merely the hilarious things that will happen to or because of her choices.  If I can figure that out, this could be good... really good.

They say write about what you know.  I know about school, church (not going to be my setting), home life in a few different regions of the US, working in schools, doing plays in the theater... I'm just not sure.  I don't want a traditional office space, though an nontraditional space could work.  Thoughts?  Anyone?  Really, I could use a lot of help in this aspect so I can really get started in making this idea come to life... I'm rather excited about it! 

Song of the Day: I heard this song for the first time tonight and looked up the following video... I knew the voices instantly - well, one of the voices.  Here is Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean with "Don't You Wanna Stay."  It's a fabulous new hit!  Enjoy!!!


Emily said...

Hey, I've heard that quote before! But isn't it so true? I started a similar project recently and it is the craziest funnest scariest thing. But now that I've jumped in I love it! I can't wait for your show..I already know it will be fabulous!

eden said...

good luck! that's a great idea.

also, i'm kind of sad for you that you just barely heard this song. it's been one of my favorites for a little while... but i'm glad you know it now! (: