Friday, February 17, 2012

The Gym is for Working It Out!

Dear Women at Gold's Gym (or any other gym) -

I will say this twice.  I don't mind looking like hell at the gym so that I can give em' all hell outside of the gym.

Ladies, why do we look at each other and judge or talk negatively about each other because of the way we might look, especially when we are working out and trying to better ourselves personally?  I have never understood why girls are so catty that they need to tear other down, whether verbally or internally. I'm astounded that this happens even as women get older, and I would hope, have grown more confident.

I saw this in two forms tonight.  The first was when I heard some other women pointing out how misshapen another woman's thighs and butt were, and how she was "never going to be thin anyway."  Sad.  The second thing I saw was a handful of women there dressed in "cute, little workout outfits," constantly looking around themselves and checking who was checking them and not even working out.

Why are you there?  Are you there to be more healthy and happy?  If you are there to judge other women or even to pick-up a guy, there are other places for that to happen (though I think judging others is lame no matter your location).  The gym is NOT a place to go looking for a significant other.  If it happen, so be it... but it's not a place to "man (or woman)-hunt." So, if you choose the gym for these things, I feel sorry for you... It should not be your focus.

Ladies, I hope that learn to take your mind off others and set some goals for yourself.  I hope that those who are "getting ready" for the gym will learn that is mildly highly pathetic. I said it once, and here is time number two... I don't mind looking like hell at the gym so that I can give em' all hell outside of the gym... because that's the place for it. 


Song of the Day:  I discovered this boy via YouTube (what else?!).  He was on Australia's Got Talent in 2010 and went pretty far in the competition - 3rd place with 2nd being his father!  This is a song he wrote and though he might seem a bit generic in some ways, I REALLY like him... Here's Taylor Henderson with "What Goes Around."  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Isn't this you judging/criticizing everyone you mentioned in this post?

Linze Kate said...

I have NO idea if you'll see this. Annoymous, but perhaps you are right. Touche.

I still think it's different, but you're entitled to your own opinion.

Mindy said...

All this makes me think is this: I need to workout. :) I am considering getting a gym membership. What gym do you go to? What are your thoughts on it?