Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Ten: It's Already February!?

I feel like every week I barely have time to fit in school, work, and a little bit of socialization... but I MAKE time to blog a little bit and at least do my weekly Tuesday Ten.  It's a nice little break for me and I really enjoy leaving a bookmark for my favorite videos or sites, discussing favorite things with my friends/family, and just writing things that keep me going throughout the week... which is kinda funny when I'm sometimes talking about eyeliner of videos of 6 year-old science experts.  Eh!

So, with out further adieu, here are my week's Top Ten things!

1 - Little Kid's Inspirational Speech About Bike Riding. This video if a past favorite that has been recently rediscovered.  THEN, they showed a short excerpt from the video after the Superbowl and I had to laugh because it was already on my "top ten" list for the week.  I am just so in-sync with the media... Wait, is that a good thing, or...?

2 - The Voice.  The show is back and I am ECSTATIC!  I love this show... I love the judges and the concept.  I am ready for it to be back... What would I love more?  If I was on it.  Haha!  No, but really.

3 - Aerial Views.  There's a blog that I found that has a bunch of random aerial view shots that I LOVE.  There's one example below, but click on the words "Aerial Views" above for a link to the blog and to see all the other shots in the entry.  There are MANY other ones across the internet, but there are a few that I love on this blog.

4 - "Today Was a Fairytale" (By: Taylor Swift) Fan-Made Video.  This is ELIZA'S favorite thing of the past TWO weeks... If she had a choice, she would watch it everyday, all day... I'm not exaggerating.  She just BEAMS when she hears the song, and more so when she sees the video.  She gets all blushy and giggly when the little boy turns into a prince... Cutest thing EVER.  So, this video is kind of a favorite, but more so it's E's reaction.

5 - "I Miss You" Cover by Alex Lambert, Andrew Garcia, and Josh... something.  This cover is better than the original in my opinion... I am in love with it and LOVE Alex Lambert.  It's too bad he hasn't used his connection to Idol as a real platform... He has SO much potential to me... I REALLY like his voice and chill style. This cover = GORGEOUS.

6 - Hunger Games T-Shirts!  In preparation for the Hunger Games premier (I'm going a day early!), I have been checking out where I can get the proper attire for the occasion.  That's right, ladies and gents... I need a HG T-shirt!  Haha... Here are a few I like - thoughts?  Which one should I get?

7 - 1988 Crystal Light Aerobics Competition.  Oh my word... this video is THAT good.  Haha!  During last weekend's "girl's night in," we were looking up funny videos and THIS one was presented to me.  I was DYING laughing... The outfits, the cheesy moves and grins, the tacky music... Oh - I love the 80s.

8 - Brittney Snyder.  I found this girl's music a few months back, but have recently really listened to all of it and love her.  I think she has a lot of talent and potential... I would buy her album!  Haha... Check out her music and site by clicking on her name (or listen to the link below) - it all loads fast, so check out a few songs. Below is her most recent, but check out her first song - a duet with JB Ahfua from Am. Idol.   

9- Play, Create, Explore.  This website gives a million and one ideas for parents, babysitters, siblings, or nannies (hint, hint) to use for entertaining their kids and helping them learn to create projects, be innovative, explore ideas, and have fun with experimentation - which Eliza loves!  Thus, I adore this site.  Click on the words to check it out.

10 -  "Break Again" by Charlie and Emily.  My friend, Kate, posted about these guys she found on YouTube that did an amazing cover of "Someone Like You," by Adele.  However, I love THIS song - "Break Again," which is an original piece.  They blend well together and the girl's voice really is out of this world. Check out Charlie Puth and Emily Luther! 



Jessica Montgomery said...

Hey beautiful girl, how did I not know about your fabulous blog?? I love the tuesday ten..the boy on the bike was my favorite. Also love that your blog does a good job of showing the world how much you love life, it has your essence!

Kate said...

JB used to sing in the JP choir wish me! And his cousin Crystal, who also sang in the choir with me, are in a quartet with Brittany and another guy...I forgot the name...something like 727...I'll get back to you. :)