Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Places I Should Never Be Seen...

I am a fairly present person in the world around me.  I mean to say that I am rather outgoing and often my leadership positions, personality, theatrical roles, or loud voice tend to put me in the spotlight.  Sometimes, like when I am on the stage, this attention is what I'm aiming for... I want to share my talents and be seen.  However, sometimes I'm simply overly loud or a current position puts me in the spotlight and I draw attention to myself without trying - or, wanting.

One place that I should NEVER be seen is when I am playing basketball.  I am beyond awkward.  I mean, I often get fairly awkward while speaking, but this is times ten to the awkward power.  I should not be seen playing basketball by any human eye... or by dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys... No one should have to see me play. 

I don't mean shoot-out games like knock-out.  I can hold my own in those and usually do fairly well.  There's no pressure and not a lot of crazy, continual running.  Basketball games though... I am so terrible.  Every once in awhile I'll get a good shot off, but usually I'm just out of breath, terrible at dibbling when I have pressure put on me, carrying an angry face, and just look pathetic.  I'm not looking for, "I'm sure you're great, Linze," or, "You look fine!" comments.  I am speaking TRUTH, and I embrace it.  Haha!  I am one awesomely, awkward player on that court, and though I suck... I'm still cheerin' for my team and having fun.  I am not good at basketball... I will never BE good at basketball....

... but at least I try.  Right?

I have also determined that I'm an awkward runner. 

At least I'm not as bad as these guys:

(I'm almost a mix of #4 and #5... oops.)

I think I'll stick to volleyball and football come sports time.

P.S.  I think I legitimately need to me checked for asthma... Does anyone have it?  Since HS it's been bad, but it's gotten way worse these past few years.  When I run I get pressure in my chest and it tightens - I have trouble breathing, and after I've run for awhile I spend the next hour with a croup cough if I breathe too deeply.  It's just when I run... Thoughts?  I know I don't have the ideal body, but I just can't imagine I'm THAT out of shape when I lift weights, work the elliptical, and do dance classes almost every day.  Hm.


nicole said...

I was told once I had exercise induced asthma. I have an inhaler I use when I run and it helps a lot. Maybe try something like that! :)

Amanda K said...

Get checked for asthma girl! That stuff can be serious. Exercised induced asthma is for real.

And you rock.