Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Ten

1 - "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction.  I know they are cheesy, and young, but I kinda love them and their hit song! The just won a Brit award for this song as #1 single, and they have a cool story of how they all came together - hand-picked by Simon Cowell.  I love them and I love this song!

2 -  Invincible Summer quote... (and even the way the picture looks):

3 - Pneumonia Pronunciation. I laughed SO hard when I watched this... and the many other videos on this guys station. He is HILARIOUS and his pronunciations are CLASSIC. Enjoy the best 0:08 seconds ever - and then, enjoy again!

4 - J.K. Rowling's future adult novel!  I am SO stoked to read more of her writing and can not wait to see what she has up her sleeve! :)  Click on the link above to see the announcement on her website about it!

5 - Sophie Grace and Rosie go to the Grammys! I am in love with these two little girls and am enjoying watching Rosie get more talkative. Sophie Grace is insane talented for an eight year old, and I have no doubt will do big things as she gets older. I know that Sophie is a bit annoying at times, but she's a LOT like me at her age - just FULL of energy and song! I love these girls and all their Ellen videos.

6 - Modern-day Shakespeare Sayings!  We say a LOT of stuff in our common, everyday language.  You probably didn't even know that half of the things on the poster below... check it out and I'm willing to bet you'll be surprised.  Sidenote:  I want this for my future classroom!!!

7 - Clumsy Thumbsy! Ellen has started this new segment every once and a while on her show where she reads "auto-correct" text mess-ups... I LOVE text mess-ups... a lot. "Did you write that on your 'smart phone?'" I'm posting two of these vids because they are THAT good....

8 - 
"Dear optimist, pessimist and realist,
While you argued about how much water was in the glass, I drank it.  
Sincerely, the opportunist"

9 - Drew Ryniewicz's cover of "Bound to You" (originally by Christina Aguilera). This girl has a great voice and mad talent for a fifteen year old... or any age for that matter. I'm a huge fan since her X-Factor debut and am kinda shocked she has yet to be signed after. I love her... just press play and listen while you search the web or lay back and chill.

10 - So You Think You Can Dance - SLC Style!  I was able to go with a large group of friends to watch the SYTYCD Auditions that were taking place on Saturday in SLC.  It was SO much fun!  I freaked out a little bit when Nigel Lythgoe got out of his car, and even more so when Adam Shankman got out of his.  Haha!  I did the "woot woot" train noise when Mary Murphy walked out and cheered my lungs for all the dancers.  There were some AMAZING dancers there today!  One bigger guy started breakin' and we all thought, "He's really good," until his did a back hand-spring onto his elbows and a power slide.  After that we thought, "This guy is freaking amazing!"  Haha... There were a handful of really great guys (Charlie and Adrian to name a few) and two or three girls (Merrisa? Was that the red-haired girl's name?) I really liked... It was just cool to see it all go down and get the unedited version.  LOVED IT!!!

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