Thursday, March 1, 2012

Friends Say the Darndest Things...

It's time for some more quotes... You know you were gettin' antsy for some more.  Enjoy! 

"When I grow up to be a mom, and I get a husband, that won't be daddy..." - Eliza
"Yep." - Linze
"But I don't wanna marry someone else!" - Eliza
"Just daddy?" - Linze
"Yea... but he'll be, like, a GRANDPA!" - Eliza

"I think in REALITY, zombies come out during the day!" - Spencer, while watching I Am Legend...

 "Not in the wilderness!" - Brittany
"Thank you, Book of Mormon." - Linze

"I can't believe that shhhhhhhh just happened!" - Hailes, in regards to Emily going home on The Bachelor!

"You can't take my had off Eliza..." - Linze
"Then you could just go to the head store and buy a new head... Wait!  Head stores don't exist..." - Eliza

"You can't use magic on fictional characters.  Magic doesn't work on fiction..." - Linze (meaning, Harry Potter magic!)
"Why wouldn't it?" - Emily
*Long Pause*
"RIDICULOUS!" - Emily, while pointing a fake magic wand... :)

"It's hard to wait on someone else's time table." - Linze
"Yea, GOD'S!" - Hailey

"We wanna see him win at love, but lose at everything else..." - Spencer 

"What?  I don't look athletic in these shorts?!" - Linze
"Those shorts are not really the problem..." - Mark

"What is this? He's a newspaper guy who is also a detective...?" - Emily
"I don't get what you're not getting.  It's a real profession" - Linze
"Superman does that." - Linze
"My dreams are becoming a reality!" - Emily

"What kind of punctuation are you?" - Hayley and Spencer
"Are we really having this conversation?!" - Linze
Sidenote:  I determined a LONG time ago that I'm definitely the "..." (dot, dot, dot...)

"It looks like they all have wieners all the way up there!" - Amber, in reference to the women in the 1988 Crystal Light Aerobics Competition video I posted a few Tuesdays back.  
"Now it looks like they don't  have ANY wieners." - Linze, in reference to the men in that same video.
"They're hybrids." - Linze

"She's such a bench." - Bekah

"He needs to snatch a kid." - Hailey (regarding Josh Duhamel walking around in cat makeup in a movie)
"Hide yo kids, hide your wife!" - Kate
"Hide yo husbands too!" - Bekah
"You need to hide him cause he's painted like a cat!"- Linze 

We were pranking Spencer  and had him looking up YouTube videos that didn't exist.  After a good while he called me and when I said hello he responded with, "Are you messing with me?!"   Hahahaha!


Song of the Day: I love this song, but have been looking for an edited version ALL over to post on here.  Here is Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch with "Self Back Home."  It's a good one... Enjoy!

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