Friday, March 16, 2012

Rubric for a Boyfriend

So, I'm an educator, right?  Yep... Well, in some of my classes we are working on creating rubrics for our lessons/units.  We are told to b clear and concise about our expectations...

One of the girls in my program (Brinna) thought a "Boyfriend Rubric" with these perimeters could be pretty epic.  I agreed.  Thus, here you have it... The "Boyfriend Rubric," posted below.  Feel free to use it, adapt it slightly to your personality, and change the words "he" to "she" if you're a boy... That MIGHT work.  Maybe?  Haha! 

Makes me laugh and doesn’t have to “try too hard.” He is sincere and kind to you and others.  He isn’t afraid to be a little quirky and is a lot of fun to be around.
Awkward, but still funny and endearing sometimes.  He might be a little TOO quirky... He isn’t very genuine and not always nice to others - uses cutting sarcasm, not funny sarcasm.
Is a douche.
He isn’t funny at all, and spends the majority of time making fun of others.  He’s overly cocky and self-absorbed.  Oh, and he is a douche.
Ridiculously good looking!
Cute, but his personality makes him cuter...
Stable and established - has goals and direction.  He is supportive of your career as a teacher and your goals.
In college, but major is still undecided.  Unsure about his own goals.  He is supportive of some of your goals, and is fine with you being a teacher.
(Really, it's about lacking drive, and not exactly where he is in that moment...)
No job, no degree, living on Mama’s couch... Doesn’t care to change.  He hates education and thinks that teaching is easy.
Always remembers Mother’s Day and his mom’s birthday. Calls to talk to his mom and genuine cares about his family.  Is great with the kids in the family and wants kids of his own someday.
He loves his family, but is not very involved with them.  He rarely calls his mom or dad, and never talks about them with you.  He remembers his mom’s birthday, but thinks Mother’s Day is lame. 
Talks negatively about his mother and other family members.  He doesn’t even know his mom’s birthday.  He makes fun of little kids when they fall and would never offer to play with them... or sit next to them. 
Reads for fun! Plays some sort of sport and enjoys watching sports.  He can play an instrument and/or sing, and appreciates good music. He also loves to go dancing.
He will try new activities with you!
He isn’t overly athletic or musical, but tries to participate with you and be supportive.  He doesn’t enjoy reading a lot, but will occasionally pick up an interesting -looking book, usually nonfiction. He has only read 3 1/3 of the  Harry Potter series and has only seen the very last movie.  Hates Hunger Games…
Video Games, all day and everyday...  He thinks reading is for losers.
Takes you out to dinner on occasion. Is okay with you wearing sweats just to have a movie night and French toast. Comes up with fun and creative dates.  Opens the door for you on instinct and carries on great conversation.
He takes you out on special occasions only.  He tells you that you look better with make-up on and isn’t into cuddling at all.  He opens the door every once in awhile and has decent conversation with you and others.
Doesn’t take you out, but when you ask him and “he gives in,” he does he makes you pay each time.
Conversation virtually ceases to exist.
He just wants booty.

Oh my... This was AWESOME to create and quite hilarious.  Love you, Brinna - you make class WAY more fun!  Now, I just have to go hold some rather attractive up to this rubric and watch the magic happen.  Haha... Right?

Sidenote: This really is all meant in fun! If a boy isn't a "5" in every column it does not mean I'm passing judgement and not giving him a shot.  Please look at this as the sarcastic, hilarious rubric it is... Some truth, but you know what I'm sayin'.  Haha!

P.S.  I would also choose to add a "SPIRITUAL LIFE & BELIEFS" column... I'd say it's actually one of the most important (if not THE most important) columns for me.  A "5" would be earned if he's a boy who honors his priesthood, is worthy to take me to the temple, and puts God and the gospel first in his life.  There would be not three or one... because I wouldn't/won't accept anything else.  Just puttin' it out there. :)

Song of the Day: I love Olly Murs. He is a British X-Factor past contestant and he's AMAZING... I also love his new single, "Oh My Goodness." You will too, so enjoy!


MKS said...

I love this...not that I looking for a boyfriend . I think you should sell this to byu...happy st Patrick's day

MKS said...

I love this...not that I looking for a boyfriend . I think you should sell this to byu...happy st Patrick's day

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anya May said...

What?!! This. is. awesome! Though I have taken an obvious break in the blogging world (trying to graduate... school is stressing me out) I am so glad that I decided to read this blog. This post alone makes me want to make a triumphant return! Sometime when I feel like i have time to breathe we should chillax :) Thanks Linze (and Brinna) excellent idea!