Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Spring Has Sprung!

I wasn't going to do the Tuesday Ten this week, but I can't resist... So, I'm thinking it's gonna be a chill week and I'm going to do my top ten things about Spring.  Here goes:

1 - Popcorn Trees.  Eliza and I were admiring the blossoming trees all day and I'm in love with how gorgeous they are EVERY year...

2 - More light at night... I like that it's later into the evening and just more light time in my waking hours.

3 -  Bonfires.  These are also a Summer thing, but they always start in Spring and I am STOKED for bonfires and the get-togethers that happen because of them.

4 - Skirts with no leggings of tights!  I love that I don't have to wear another layer to keep warm on my legs.

5 - Tans.  The beginning of getting tan starts in Spring and it makes wearing those skirts with no leggings, as spoken about previously, much more acceptable and cute. 

6 - Fresh strawberries!  I've eaten fresh strawberries for the past four days and I'm in love...

7 - Spring/summer lovin'.  Even when nothing happens, there is always "love" in the air and it's funny to watch others start mad crushing on random others... and doing it myself. 

8 - Book time!  Half of Spring is caught in the school term, but the other half is pure freedom (aside from my job), which means more time any time to leisure reading.  I LOVE catching up on what I WANT to read!  This summer I plan to scour a million and one scripts, re-read The Hunger Games trilogy, read a few church-history books, start finally reading Divergent, finish the complete works of William Shakespeare, re-read the Book of Mormon and New Testament, and go through a few other new books.  I'm stoked.

9 - Rain.  I love it when the rain in April/May comes... Rain storms are a favorite of mine. 

10 - Flip-Flops!  Yep - bring on the flip-flops and sandals!  I'm more flats person than anything, but during the Spring and Summer I am often wearing flip-flops or gladiator sandals.  Love em'!


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