Monday, March 26, 2012

Words Their Way,,, but not always a GOOD way!

"We're running our ward just like the government is running our country!" - Matt

"Why don't you do martial arts anymore?" - Nigel Lythgoe
"Um, well, just some random stuff.  I had some conflicts with my dojo..." - random SYTYCD dancer who did NOT make it!

"That's what's wrong with facebook - no one talks anymore. False." - Cami

"Why do Americans have port-a-potties from the brand Honeybucket?  Honeybucket.  There's not honey in there!" - Justine

"You rock that crotch dust really well." - Jay at Festival of Colors - haha!

"Knock knock!"  - Linze
"Who's there?" - Eliza and Lily
"Cheese." - Linze
"Cheese who?" - Eliza and Lily
"CheeseBURGER!" - Linze..... I turn to Jenny, "I just made that up!"
"Oh, really?!" - Jenny, dripping with sarcasm 

"I'm on one today!" - Curtis... one of my mom's students who is hilarious...

"My beauty is just overwhelming... and my neck shirt." - Linze

"I'll do my due diligence to Jesus." - Katie

"You can't save the world." - Barb
"You're not Jesus!" - Laura (in her amazing accent!)

"I would be a cheeseburger." - Laura

"At least he's good looking." - Linze (after a boy who doesn't really have a lot going for him)

"I don't see many fights to get into Mexico!" - Bishop Scott
"Unless it's Cabo..." - Sister Scott

"He'll just hop and me and we'll go!" - Linze (NOT meant to be inappropriate!)

Okay, the next two comments happened in church during Relief Society (all women meeting) during a talk about modesty in dress standards... when Brother Skousen happened to be visiting our meeting... I was talking about dressing appropriately and how my bestie and I can not wear the same thing (even in our own sizes) because I would be poppin' out and she wouldn't.  I said (about my boobs, and while grabbing them), "It's because I have too many... well, only two!"

"I'm floppin' around everywhere at the gym if I'm not careful!" - Linze

"What?  All three boobs?" - Justine 

"Freak!  I'm done." - Bishop Scott


Song of the Day:  Justin Bieber's newest single dropped last night!  Here's "Boyfriend."  Embrace it... Listen.  Love. ENJOY!

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