Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Another Wonderous Week!

This week was a crazy one with my computer to the point where mad Trojans attacked it and it was in major need of being FRIED.  Thus, I come to you from virtually a brand-new feeling computer.  Haha!  It's back to having NOTHING on it and being free of any virus - thank goodness...

Now, with that info behind us, I bring you the Tuesday Ten for this week!

1 - Mick & Sugar -En Krije Sil Ik Dy! Haha... Yes, it's what you are thinking. I bring you "You're The One That I Want" from Grease in Dutch! Hahaha... No, I'm not crazy. This video is a bit famous over there and quite HILARIOUS, but also, by a Struiksma!!! I love my family.

2 -  New Boots!!!!  I got these boots ysterday for $15 at JCPenny's on clearance and was SO excited about it!!! I've been looking for cheap priced, well-made, brown, mid-high boots and finally found them today.  I am VERY pleased with my purchase!

3 -  Olivia Binfield and her poetry!  This little girl is AMAZING!  She has a unique passion for animals and wants to help save endangered species, partially through the use of her poetry.  Watch her audition (really starts at 2 minutes in!) on Britain's Got Talent and how incredible she is because it is worth your time!  It is the cutest thing, funny, and SO creative!

4 - Sheryl Garner.  I love this video of an urban school teacher talking about the importance of friends, family, education, and being LDS.  I'd like to think I've got a little of her zest for life, teaching, and the gospel as well.  It's fabulous!  Go to mormon.org to find out more about what Sheryl and I believe!

5 - England.  I know, I know... this is an obvious one.  However, this week I was/am REALLY missing it!  I miss how many amazing places are close by and how many things there are to do in England alone.  I miss the theaters and London in general.  I miss the culture, the people, the cheap baguettes, the red buses and phone booths.  I miss the amazing museums and the history there... I really wouldn't mind moving back someday. 

6 -This Means War.  I went and saw this movie with my friends, Amy and Andrea yesterday and LOVED it!  I know that there are a few parts where some friends might be offended by topics for a very, very brief moment, but overall, the film was funny, cute, and action packed in many ways.  I loved it! :)  Plus, it has Reese Witherspoon (whom I love!) and two ridiculously good looking men - Chris Pine and Tom Hardy... Yes, please.

7 - "Anywhere Anything" by Gabe Bondoc. I found this guy a few months back thanks to a friend's facebook page - haha! This is on of his original songs and I think it's great... I would buy his album and play it regularly in my car. He's 100% my style!

8 - Netflix.  I know that I'm behind the times, but these past few weeks I've had it, I've grown slightly obsessed.  I can watch many of my American shows AND British shows - what an amazing invention!

9 - Two AMAZING Dancing Kids!  These children are incredible dancers/acrobats (from Russia's Got Talent, I think?) and I was memorized watching them.  Believe me, you'll want to see this video!

10 - "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.  I love this song, and not because it's from The Hunger Games movie soundtrack... though that's a plus.  Haha!  I love this song and it's so overwhelmingly my style right now.  I'm in the "winter-curl-up-under-a-blanket" mood.... :)


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