Friday, June 11, 2010

Funny Girl

I know how this entry will read to some, but keep in mind that I'm completely light-hearted about it. The song and lyrics just struck me when I heard it on Glee the other night. Here goes...

Did you hear that?
Yeah, the guy said, 'Honey,
You're a funny girl.'
That's me.
I just keep them in stitches...
doubled in half!
And though I may be all wrong for the guy,
I'm good for a laugh.
I guess it's not funny.
Life is far from sunny,
When the laugh is over,
And the jokes on you...
A girl ought to have a sense of humor!
That's one thing you really need for sure.
When you're a funny girl!
A fellow said a funny girl...
Funny, how it ain't so funny
Funny girl..."

I think it's ironic how close to my life these lyrics are sometimes. Now, I'm not blogging this in a moment of self-pity or sadness.... just the opposite. I'm SO loving life right now - I'm happy! I just think it's... well, funny - that's all. It's funny how closely these lyrics from Funny Girl the musical seem to match with my love-life and guy patterns.

I'm the funny, quirky, cute one... and that's that. To quote, "Though I might be all wrong for the guy, I'm good for a laugh." I really like that about me - being the funny, best friend. For now, that's chill... It'll pay off someday, I have complete confidence in that. However, am I allowed to hope that it takes it's time for now?

Song of the Day: I think it's fairly obvious. If not... that's funny. Enjoy!


Mindy said...

I understand what ya mean. :) Completely.

Ash and Matt said...

You're definitely allowed to hope it takes its time! Especially when you're living the dream single life by traveling Europe :-)

And on another note... I LOVE Glee, and I love Idina Menzel. I'm so sad that the season is over!