Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Revisting my English Roots!

I feel overwhelmingly blessed... Seriously, I am so lucky to be traveling Europe and having such great experiences. Let's list a few, shall we? Right now, I am in ENGLAND! Here goes:

- Seeing Kate! I got to see on of my good freshman-year friends while I was in England and it was great! We visited for a bit, I sat in on a mythology study session (learned a lot too!), and saw the BYU Center again. It was totally classic, and WAY nice to connect back to home. Plus, just fun!

- I went to church in English! Well, kinda... I missed sacrament meeting cause the time was written wrong on their bulletin board, but I went to Sunday School there and it was SO nice to be in an English speaking ward. My ward in Germany does a LOT to accommodate me and other English speakers, but ti was still nice to assume I could speak English.

- Watching the World Cup game at a pub here in London! Um... AND we tied.... classic. I was rooting for England - sorry my American mates! However, I felt weird when they scored on us - haha! I couldn't really cheer either way and feel content - haha! I know... fence-sitter. It wasn't the plan, but it happened. Haha... It was a happy compromise in a weird way when it was a draw.... and I'll take it! Haha...

- I have been given GREAT things to think about while visiting museums and formed so good opinions of things... plus, I have grown in new passions. For example - wind power. I am COMPLETELY pro wind power and have learned a lot about it in the last two months. They had an exhibit in the science museum discussing these ideas, as well as a campaign activist group handing out stuff down in West End. Especially with the rest oil crisis, but even before we should be thinking about this idea in a more prominent light... I mean, with cost of what happened and clean-up, the death and destruction of animals, plants, water, and an area - not that we should ban all oil, but there are other alternatives and I think we're so worried about initial financing for the projects, that we're losing sight of what the ending result could be! We could be tapping into the wind that is produced in the Great Plains and Midwest... and with that power, we could power half that country - that's not me exaggerating either. It might take some time and money to get there, but we would win SO much in the end. (I'm from Holland originally - my ancestors were smart cookies.)

Also, things like choosing a child's genetics, the poser of recycling, and how I think most learn best - interactive learning. It's been great to have real educated discussions with some... I love intelligent conversation!

Sidenote: Regarding History... It is totally shaped by the one who writes it. It is COMPLETELY subjective in that way. It's all a matter of perspective... and whose perspective are YOUR ideas formed by? This is something I have thoughts about over the course of my life, but it has resonated a bit stronger in me this past month for some reason.

- Sometimes we look at people and think, "What are they wearing? Did they really think that looked good this morning when they left their house?" Truth is, yes. I mean, we have to remember that most people looked at themselves and thought "This is as good as it's going to get," or "I look good!" This might not be the case to you, but why harp on them... They're children of God too,and just trying to look how they think they should (whether I agree or not in their fashion statements). We should try and find the positive in how people look... even if it's touch sometimes.

- Where one country lacks, another excels... and vice versa. Similarly, where one country might be strong in some ways, it's weak in others. This is a duh, but I was thinking about it again in relation to "going green," and how Germany is known for being SO great at recycling (They are too, and I love it!) but they produce SO much smoke. If you've been to other European countries, they have nothing on Germany... I'm not exaggerating. I'll keep you updated through my travels if it's worse somewhere else, but so far Germany has given off more ciggy smoke than any other country I've been too. Going green? Apparently not all the way...

- Some people take funny pictures that they think will look cute... Relating to my point about fashion above, I say give em' the benefit of the doubt - just smile, nod, and take the dang picture. It's hard not to laugh sometimes though... Really, it's hard. There was a larger lady who thought that putting her leg up on the underground railing like a ballet pole and pointing at the sign would look good. Her friend took the picture, but looked skeptical... I know I take dumb pictures too though, and sometimes my friends want to say, "Linze... just stop." I'm not sure if I should thank them for keeping their mouths shut and just taking the picture, or if I should tell them to be a better friend and slap me into reality next time... I'm debating this. I HAVE gotten some pretty cool pictures on whim poses.... Hm.

- I found my online journal from HS thanks to my friend, Julie!!! I am SO stoked to go back and read more of it when I'm back in Germany... for now, it'll have to wait. However, the little bit I DID read.... WOW. Was I really that person? In some ways, I'm still her... but in SO many ways, I'm not her anymore - and am thankful for that. Haha!

- I SAW MAMMA MIA!!! I went to West End, got a cheap ticket, and went on Monday night! It was fabulous, but I thought about something through the production... I thought, "I could do this. I could do it just as well as some of these girls... I can do this." I'm not trying to be cocky, but I felt so impressed to try... and so, I shall. It's also interesting because I truly believe that talent in the US is a different level vocally... The cast were all stunning actors and actresses, but singing voices were mediocre on many. We'll see how Billy Elliot is tonight...

Sidenote: My FAVE moment of Mamma Mia was this lady who was sitting in front of me... Near the end, the cast is encouraging Donna to say, "I Do," and there's a dramatic pause in the play waiting for her answer. This lady in front of me was VERY into the play and started singing along right before then... and kept singing - loudly. When the pause came, she kept going... Yep. Then the entire cast, kid you not, turned and looked up at the balcony toward her and cracked up. HAHA! They carried on after, but it was SO classic! The lady in front of me was laughing and bright red... it was great!

Also, I got to meet some people while in line for the production that had kids working in the cast and crew! I just overheard some conversations and decided to jump in... Haha! It led me to meeting a lady who had a daughter in the production management and we chatted about her route to doing so... it was great to get tips and insight! Then, outside the bathroom, I was trying to help the line to people's seats move around the line for the lady's room, so I started directing people - haha! What else would I do, right? Then, I apologized and said, "Sorry everyone, it's what I do back home... just trying to help." They all laughed and one lady said, "What do you do? Stage or house management?" I talked with her about that and perhaps doing acting and she said, "Oh, my son is an actor in this production." Oh, no worries, he was only Skye. Skye is leading young guy - haha! So, we chatted about that and his route to get there... It was fabulous!

Oh, last note on Mamma Mia... promise. The end = a HUGE dance party for ten minutes! Haha... It's the cast singing and dancing to Abba and you get up and do the same... haha! It was a blast - what a fun show that would be to be in!

- (This is a few hours later) Things today... were just good. I spent time wondering around just chillin' - it was great... i.heart.england.

- Billy Elliot is amazing. AMAZING. The little boy who danced as our lead was FABULOUS... and I was so inspired there. Also, He was not only a great dancer, but a FABULOUS actor - and like twelve or thirteen only. That's amazing. The voices in the show were better this time around - but it's hard to judge in a show that's so heavy on accents. However, the leading lady (ballet teacher) in the story was GREAT! she had some nice pipes and was a good actress. Overall, I LOVED IT! I was front row, but back a bit because the actual "front row" was removed so actors could be there at different points in the show... Oh - I was so moved by the story and the dancing... AMAZING!

Okay, this is an entry written prior to the show, as I sat in the theater, from my personal journal:

"I get emotional thinking about what I want to do with my life. This is partially because I want it so bad... I want to sing and act for a living. I always have - since I can literally recall. It is also partially because I fear I can't make it. I hate that I go back and forth because of fear. I love to sing, act, dance... Why not try? Because, I could fail.

It's more about not having money and security in the end than hearing the actual 'NO's I will hear. I fear not having an income... and I fear having to ask for help. I want to act - why not try?

(Later - intermission) The little kid who plays Billy Elliot just has 'IT.' There was SUCH a power in him! I watched him and his talent and felt a bit overwhelmed. I'm going to do it. Why have I been denying my desires?! Practicality... and it's done. I've been playing is safe, when those who reach their goals take chances. I've got it - and I'm ready to give it."

Okay... London = SUCCESS! There was success personal and emotionally... I just feel SO motivated and ready to take hold of things here. Germany was the best thing that could have happened to me. Really.

Song of the Day: So, in honor of Billy Elliot here is my FAVE song from the production - there was just something AMAZING that happens while watching... and my kid was the BEST! His face LIT UP when he danced in a rare way... even for an actor. He's the main one in this video too!!! Here's "Electricity" from Billy Elliot. Enjoy!

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