Sunday, June 6, 2010

German Summers

Over the past few months I have spent a lot of time writing about the places I have traveled. While that may be exciting to some, including me, there is definitely more to being overseas than the travel. Many days I have written these words as well, “Germany is great! Things are going really well.” This is true, but again, there is definitely more to being overseas than a day just being “great” or “going-well.”

I have been been given a great opportunity to learn more and more about myself and about dealing with others – children, families, etc. - than I have ever done in the past. I have been so blessed in my life with great opportunities and experiences, but nothing like this. I am overwhelmed with all I have learned and become in these past five months. I'm still the same girl in many ways, but in so many others ways I'm different... improved. I see the world with new eyes, and I seize each day with new conviction. It sounds dramatic, but that's just the old “Linze” poppin' through... see, I'm still the same girl.

My point? Good question... I think that I spend a lot of time here being tired and I miss the little things when I get caught up in the mundane similarities that conspire with each afternoon. We all do this. Then, we reminder ourselves to take time each day to “stop and smell the roses.” We do that for a day or two, or a minute or two, and then forget this reminder all over again. We forget the little blessings that each day grants and fail to capture the little moments in our lives in our memories. We spend so much time “being tired” or chasing to catch-up with life (or the day) that we miss what's in front of us.
I realize as I write this that I will again forget these words in a matter of a few days, but at least I'm reminding myself of the importance in a moment for now.

That being said, or written, I want to talk about the “little moments” that help create the bigger picture as to why I am here in Germany this year... Summer in Germany is FABULOUS – at least, so far it is. It has also been a bit hectic and crazy as the climate negotiations have gone full-swing. However, it really is beautiful here... I love the places I grew up in the USA, but this is a different kind of beauty. Each place I have lived is a different kind of beauty, and right now, I'm very much appreciating this one. Part of the beauty in German summers are the two little treasures I get to watch out for... Yes, I just wrote “little treasures” and didn't even flinch at the cheesiness of the words.
Finni and Nico are adorable. There's nothing else to it! Okay, there's tons more to it than that, but this factor definitely plays a roll in how many times I smile each day. I take care of two amazing little boys who are cute, smart, funny, wild, and loving. They're also challenging, wearing, frustrating, and exhausting... but I love them.
We have had some GREAT times this summer already and it's only the beginning of June! When the winter months were here, I spent more time indoors with them making crafts, building forts, reading books, and playing hide-and-go-seek. Now that the summer months are before us, we spend a lot more time picking leaves and flowers, hanging on jungle-gyms, climbing trees, and playing soccer - we're in Europe, so of COURSE soccer is on the list. It's been fabulous! We spend a lot of time running and jumping around outside, and the boys have grown SO much in the past few months it's quite incredible.

They say the funniest things too! Nico speaks with such adult phrasing for a six year-old and is SO smart. For example, “A Rhinoceros Beetle is quite strong actually. It can't pick up a car though, in case you were thinking it could.” I mean, “quite” and “actually” aren't exactly common place words for a six year-old to be using. Two days later he was playing with his magnet board – making new shapes and characters out of magnet patterns – and he started saying, “Now these Americans were very unhappy with the British because of the new taxes. So, they threw their tea into the sea and ATTACKED!” Haha... His memory is great!

Finni is funny in different ways. He'll make these hilarious faces and is constantly pretending to be a funny statue or monster. Where he is so remarkable is his athletic skill. As a four year-old he has quite a good arm, even if his aim could use a little refining. He also is getting better and better with soccer. He can play with a ball for hours and really likes to wear soccer clothes – in fact, it's kind of a current obsession of his. He can kick well and I taught him how to stop the ball with the side of his foot instead of jumping on it when it's about to roll past him – haha! He still grabs the ball and runs with it when he's afraid someone is getting to close and could steal it... Perhaps American football IS his thing? Haha!

Finni Quote: “You can't just slurber your soup like that.” - Instead of slurp or slobber... Haha!

These boys are really great... they make me smile all the time. I am SO blessed to be here! There are days when it's hard and I wish I was back home (even living in Europe can be challenging – haha...), but I KNOW I made the right choice to be here. I needed to be here now. I am blessed to take them to the park or pool, and to talk with them about their ideas or concerns... to teach them about plants, history, or their Savior. I am blessed to sing them goodnight lullabies and say prayers with them... I am blessed to say “I love you” to them, and have them throw their arms around me and say, “I love you too, Linze Pinzie.” Haha! I am blessed to be their “big sister” and friend. I am just blessed.

If you don't believe me, check out the pictures through-out this entry (or in the video below) and you won't be able to deny it.


Song of the Day: I have a bunch from the Pop, Indie, or R&B world to chose from, but I really wanted to choose a song for Sunday... I was listening to it this morning (I had the WORST migraine I have had in about a year, and was bed-rest this morning) and it's a song that brings me SUCH peace since I heard it a few months back (Special thanks to someone sending me the EFY 2010 CD!). Here is Nicole Sheahan's song, I Am His Daughter. She's a girl from BYU, friends with some of my friends, though I have never met her, and she's fabulous. Check it out – I made the video with pictures from throughout my time here (and one from home at the end of the "daughters" in our family)... and a few from before. Enjoy!

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