Saturday, June 19, 2010

PARIS: Highlights and Lowlights!

Paris: The city of lights, love, and French Bagettes! Haha... Unfortunately, it's also the city of a lot more not as fabulous... Overall, I had a good time and I'm glad I came, saw, and conquered. However, I'm over it. Haha! I know to some they're thinking I'm a spoiled brat, and perhaps I am, but really it just comes down to Paris not being for me. I LOVED the sights and such, but overall was very underwhelmed by it all. EXCEPT, the Eiffel Tower at night was FABULOUS! Haha...

Here are the highlights and lowlights:

- A highlight was seeing the Eiffel Tower all lit up and sparkling on the hour last night! I am in LOVE with how beautiful that was...

- Another highlight was the girls I shared a hostel with! I was in a room with two Aussie girls I got way close with fast and then we were joined yesterday by two girls from Ohio who were fabulous. We all got on SO well and went sight seeing most of the time together. I was SO sad when we were all splitting up today - I wish they could go to Italy with me, but hopefully I meet some cool people there too. Fingers crossed!!!

- Watching the France vs. Mexico game in a local pub was great! Even if France lost... I didn't care all that much about that though... Just sayin'. We made friends with the staff, so they treated us well! :)

- A lowlight was getting hit on EVERYWHERE I went - The pubs, the Museums, the Eiffel Tower... I have never gotten so many guys calling me "Babygirl" and blowing kisses at me - DISGUSTING!!! I even thought this one guy was a worker in the D'Orsay Museum when he asked to see my ticket, and he turned out to be trying to get me to sleep with him. NO JOKE. I was SO offended... I had many offers and it was just TRASHY. Sex is SO overamped here... I hate that.

- I will NOT miss the smell throughout 90% of the city, either. There was literally 10% that smelled like great pastries, and the rest smelled of urine and dog poo. This is not an exaggeration.

- A highlight was the architecture! It is SO amazing here - just beautiful! Everywhere I walked was a new, cool sight to behold!

- I will not miss the gypsy children and sellers there who BOMBARD you with offers to give money or buy junk when you just want to be left alone... Along with this, I will not miss the feeling of being under watch at all times to be robbed or grabbed. It is SUCH a shady city... Sorry, but it is.

- Highlight: Seeing a friend from Draper randomly under the Eiffel Tower!!! No joke - I just turned and there she was in the middle! She hqd to leave with her tour, but we got a picture and hugged - haha!!!

- Lowlight: How difficult the city is to navigate! You get use to it, but it's not an easy place to just wander, which I enjoy doing ni each city I see.

- I will miss raspberry tarts and brusseta baggettes!!! SO good! I also had hot cocoa at this famuos place called Angelina's and it was like drinking a chocolate bar straight - SO rich! I liked it, but DEF couldn't do that everyday! Haha!

- Highlight: Singing "Mmmbop" on the streets of Paris last night! Haha... ALL us girls joined in and it was CLASSIC! Also, getting a "Shhhhh!" in the Metro was pretty classic...

- I hate the keyboards here. I also hate the general non-smileyness... If that's a word!

- FROMAGE!!!!! (It means cheese, which was gerat here, but it was also the word us group of girls decide to use for EVERYTHING - Haha! We were crazy!)

- Other things to note: The hostel was nice and in a good location! Out of the city, but I liked it... Also... RAPEHEART! Coming to a theater near you... Sorry. That's simply to record a memory for me. :)

That's all for me.... Now, I am off to catch a plane for ITALIA!!!!!!!

Song of the Day: Choose a song from the FIRST CD you ever bought!!! It's great to relive the past, as long as you're not still living it. My song is Hanson's, "Mmmbop." Haha... Enjoy!

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Ash and Matt said...

Lovely list, my dear. I could definitely identify with quite a few of those points! Singing in the rain as we walked through the streets of Paris while the Eiffel Tower sparkled was one of my favorite Europe moments with Matt. Now, pictures? :-)

In the meantime, I hope you're having an amazing time in Italy!